DeBary test

Dana Swanson, political columnist / Headline Surfer®By Dana Swanson
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Rick Scott better choice for governor / Headline Surfer®Charle CXrist not a good choice for governor again / Headline Surfer®Photos for Headline Surfer® /
Rick Scott is a far etter choice as a re-elected governor than bringing Charlie Crist, shown in rthe inset, who switches parties at every turn.
DEBARY, Fla. -- Charlie Crist can put out slick ads, but I was around when he used then-state GOP Chair Jim Greer to try to manipulate the Republican support for the U.S. Senate and stack the deck against Marco Rubio.

Crist had Greer try to freeze Rubio out of the Repuiblican National Committee funding, but fortunately that did not work.

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