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Internet newspaper publisher: Healthy, happy and dressed for success

Henry FrederickNEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I've started dressing for success and it is paying dividends. Most of my reporting life, I've dressed blue collar with the exception of funerals, a formal dinner or covering a high profile case in court. Those days are over.

Michelle Coats deserves higher salary as NSB-based advertising authority director

Michelle CoatsNEW SMYRNA BEACH -- This may be going against the grain, but Michelle Coats, chosen by the Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority's to lead the tourism agency, deserves more than the $65,000 the governing board decided Tuesday to pay her.

Most people would say that's more than enough, and they would be right on the surface. But this is no ordinary job. When asked during an interview last week what she would like to be paid, she said the mid-range -- roughly $80,000.

9/11: Never forget

We can't forget. We can never forget the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

So much for freedom of the press in courtroom

DELAND -- "You can't record that." That was what Circuit Judge Terence Perkins said in barring Headline Surfer from videotaping a hearing Thursday in his courtroom at the Volusia County Courthouse in DeLand.

Working on new stories, blogs and videos

We are in the process of working on and uploading a series of new stories, blogs, photos and videos on this Labor Day holiday.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather on this extended holiday weekend.

Family emergency to deal with

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- We have a family emergency we're dealing with.

We will try and update the news of the day within a few hours. We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience this is causing.

Elections coverage: This is not your daddy's newspaper

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- When it comes to reporting the general elections, this is not your daddy's newspaper. We are bold and aggressive. Anyone who knows us will tell you we are not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Asking the questions that voters want answers to begins Tuesday night at Oak Hill City Hall with three successive public debates: 6 p.m.

* Oak Hill mayor's race between Commissioner and Vice Mayor Linda Hyatt and Doug Gibson;

Keeping shoppers here in NSB

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Keeping shoppers here is the most important aspect of the infusion of new stores, including a Big Lots at the NSB Regional Shopping Center and a Dollar General Market at the old Food Lion on the beachside.

New Smyrna Beach Mayor Adam BarringerMayor Adam Barringer is absolutely right when he says these new stores are essentially "a wash" considering the loss of the Food Lion in February and the Kmart store on 44, just east of the NSB Regional where Big Lots becomes the anchor for the Walmart that closed last year to make way for the Walmart Supercenter 3.5 miles west and on the other side of the Interstate 95 interchange.

New stories and features on the way

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- We'll have several new stories and features published today that we've been working on but have had to put on the backburner because of the 2012 Primary coverage.

We're looking forward to providing a lot more fresh content over the next several days, including our newest Roundtable and two investigative reports, in addition to whatever breaking news develops.

Enough for now

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- There just aren't enough hours in the day. I need a vacation, a mini-vacation. Something for me to catch my breath.

I'm constantly behind the 8-ball and ready for a strike or just a nap. At least I'm not bored.

Two days without sleep and I'm shutting down. The sun will rise and I'll fight time again. 

My family and friends keep warning me, but I'm pretty stubborn. Always pushing. Always working. Always tired.
Good night and God bless.

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