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NSB mayor's blog scrapped by 24/7 Internet newspaper amid questions of public and private business interests

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- In the wake of several issues related to the blurring of Mayor Adam Barringer's public and private business interests, Headline Surfer has notified him in writing Tuesday night by e-mail that the "Mayor's Message" blog that was posted every other week or so in the "Community Spotlight" section on the home page of the 24/7 Internet newspaper is no longer being published.

The decision was made because of unanswered questions as to why the mayor's restaurant was made available for a private party honoring 18-year city commissioner Jim Hathaway eight days ago. The city has earmarked $1,410 in taxpayer for a private dinner for Hathaway attended by 47 guests.

Public's right to know vital in ensuring transparency in NSB governance

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- We've got a busy night ahead with government agenda items beginning at 6 p.m. with a special CRA meeting that will be followed by the 6:30 p.m. regular meeting of the city commission. We're hoping to get answers as to the extent of taxpayer money used for a surprise private sendoff party a week ago tonight at the mayor's restaurant for retired longtime Commissioner Jim Hathaway.

Lots of news on the way from New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- We have lots of fresh news on the way today, including "The Sunday Conversation" with New Smyrna Beach High School Principal Jim Tager on the Cudas big football season, along with video highlights of the playoff game, plus stories, photos and videos from Saturday night's big parade and tree lighting in Daytona Beach as well as our multimedia investigative reports package on Robert Lott and the bankruptcy proceeding that impacted the community.

Observer back from ashes of bankruptcy court


Advertising & editorial entwined for promotion of auto insurance salesman Buddy Davenport 

Observer headerRed-faced Buddy DavenportHis face can be seen on park benches and the occasional bus stop across the landscape of New Smyrna Beach.  Now Buddy Davenport is featured as a writer in the revived Observer, promoting his car insurance business.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The former weekly Observer newspaper has emerged from the ashes of bankruptcy court after its ownership was relinquished last spring by Robert and Michelle Lott and purchased by Realtor Tom Alcorn for a mere $2,500. 

Thanksgiving a day to give thanks or to do whatever you please

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Today is a day to take stock in who we are and to appreciate what we have instead of what we don't have and that is or faith, our families and our lives. This is Thanksgiving where families come together and rejoice -- to give thanks for what the day promises.

Internet Explorer glitch here fixed

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- For those of you accessing us directly or indirectly through the search engines with Internet Explorer, you likely saw images on the home page that were overlapping or out of sync.

That was a glitch stuck in default mode that has been fixed. For those Internet Explorer browser users, all you'll ned to do now is simply refresh the page one time and the images should be back to normal.

Orlando Magic game gives us a needed break

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- My wife, Serafina, and I gave ourselves a break from the grind of this 24/7 Internet newspaper by taking in a game Tuesday night in Orlando at the Amway Arena with the Orlando Magic hanging in there until the latter half of the fourth quarter when the New York Knicks took control and easily won by 10 points.

They speak with forked tongues

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- They say they care about the small business owners. They make promises. And when they lose or know they are going to lose, they forget the promises they made. There were two such candidates in this election who did just that in advertising: One an incumbent in a municipal race with an outstanding balance of $250 owed, the other an office holder who ran for an even bigger seat with a balance of $2,500 owed.

Post-election coverage continues today

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- It's a definitely a chilly morning out there, but a nice brisk walk with the dog has given me that burst of energy needed to get the day started.

After months of intense campaign coverage leading up to Tuesday's general election, I am tired, but glad it's over; especially not to have to see those political ads on TV. Even the top of our website seems barren without all of the political ads, which helped to pay bills.

Endorsements and breaking news our priorities today

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- With Tuesday's general election now a day away, our priorities today are endorsements and any major breaking news.

We'll also try and squeeze in our exclusive coverage of the New Smyrna Beach High School Homecoming half-time show. If not today, then Tuesday or Wednesday. We have a lot of ground to cover over the next 36 hours so we appreciate everyone's patience and support as we are providing the kind of in-depth election coverage we believe is important to the voting public.

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