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Working on debate videos while trying to find venues for two more in Daytona and West Volusia

DSC and Stetson deny us venues for debates

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- We're processing the videos along with a story for the second of our eight debates Saturday at the Brannon Center, this one being the race for Volusia County Council dist. 3 between Deb Denys, Jim Hathaway and Justin Kennedy.

Following that, we'll have presentations for Volusia County chair, supervisor of elections, two county judgeships, clerk of the circuit court and state attorney. The county chair and state attorney debates, in particular, were pretty intense. We have been working virtually around the clock in producing these videos along with stories since our marathon series of debates Saturday at the Brannon Center.

Candidates and citizens have their say in 'public' debates

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The 250 people who attended our string of debates Saturday at the Brannon Center had the benefit of hearing what the candidates for eight elective offices had to say on pressing issues leading up to the Aug. 14 primary.

And even more important, they had the chance to ask questions directly of the candidate -- and not being filtered by media believing only it can properly ask questions.

Big debates today in New Smyrna Beach: Solutions, not rhetoric

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- There is a great disconnect between government and its citizens at all levels, but the gap appears to be widening here in Volusia County where elected politicians and their well-paid administrators and attorneys try to sell the public their version of being fiscally conservative, while cozying up to the power elite in the business community.

Colorado theater bloodbath reminder of new world order

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I was working in my home office when my 18-year-old son bust in with "Dad, a guy with a bomb killed a bunch of people in a movie theater in Colorado when they were watching the Dark Night!"
I responded, "Henry, knock it off. I'm busy. Knock it off with all the video game violence on the Internet with your friends."
By the way he looked at me, I realized he wasn't joking -- definitely not when he pleaded, "Put on CNN. It's on there right now."
I hit the button and punched in the remote. Suddenly we both stopped talking. Then I said, "Oh my God."

News in Zimmerman case lightning fast in 21st-century digital world

Headline Surfer graphic on Zimmerman caseSANFORD -- Headline Surfer was among the first media outlets worldwide to report today's major developments in the George Zimmerman criminal case regarding his legal team's demand that the presiding judge be disqualified.

Peter Mallory: 1935-2012

Peter MalloryNEW SMYRNA BEACH -- My wife Sera and I extend our heartfelt prayers for family and friends grieving the departure of longtime New Smyrna Beach resident Peter Mallory. 

Peter Mallory's loss is a loss for New Smyrna Beach and beyond.

When I was informed of Peter's death late Friday, I stayed up all night searching YouTube for a song to post here, but none of them seemed to fit. So I put it aside early this morning and drove to Sanford to cover the George Zimmerman bond hearing, which kept me occupied. But instead Now here in the 8 o'clock hour, having published a story on his I publishe a story announcing Peter's death.  

Knowledge is power; power is knowledge

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- There's never a shortage of news. We have a lot of stories, videos and blogs that are backed up so we need to get our house in order. No excuses -- just our cold, hard reality. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. All we can do is continue to plug away and try and clear the decks.

We have a lot of important news developments that we know will be rapidly absorbed as our audience continues its rapid growth. The one exciting thing we have going for us is the overwhelming response when that news is presented.

Rainy days and Mondays

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Seeing the rain on this early Monday reminds of the song by the Carpenters, "Rainy Days and Mondays." Karen Carpenter sings, "Hanging Around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me down." Rain can be dreary, but it also can be very good.

Father knows best even if it takes half a lifetime to see that

Henry Frederick as a toddler with his father, Henry Frederick, Jr.NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I grew up in a black and white world in a small Connecticut town where it was father knows best. He was ruler, disciplinarian, teacher and provider. Of the seven children, he was toughest on me. Expectations were high and I often resented it.

Happy Father's Day on a busy Sunday

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- It's Father's Day and a busy Sunday at that for us.

We're working on a number of stories throughout the day, including a special Father's Day message, a video presentation of a double tragedy from a court sentencing, a series of videos highlighting the New Smyrna Beach High School graduation and other stories that might develop during the course of the day.

It goes without saying that this is first and foremost a family day ands it is no different here.

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