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GOP's Herman Cain the real deal


We left the Orlando Peabody Hotel Friday evening and quick-stepped over to the Rosen Center for a “Meet and Greet” with Presidential candidate Herman Cain. It was scheduled to begin at 7:30 but delayed while management set up a room twice as large to hold the excited Republicans. And still the crowd spilled over.

Daytona Beach mayor's plan to bring back LSO to make up $1.5 million deficit at Daytona State College delusional

Volusia News / continuing coverage / analysis photo / Deposed Daytona State College President Kent Sharples gives the thumbs up Nov. 18, after a separation-retirement agreement is announced by board Chairman John Tanner, shown here at left.

Daytona State College is in a world of hurt over $1.5 million taxpayer dollars used to pay the bills the Community Cultural Foundation incurred last summer when planned concerts failed to generate either public interest or money from ticket sales. Mayor Glen Ritchey's plan to bring back the LSO as a remedy is nothing short of a delusion.

Changing the Conversation from guns to bombs

ORMOND BEACH -- Just 4% of Americans indicate they are worried about gun control, and the intense media campaign and Obama’s failure to inflict background checks on ordinary American citizens peacefully exercising their 2nd Amendment rights is a massive fail.

Guns not the problem

ORMOND BEACH -- Now is not the time to enact so-called “meaningful” gun control.

Christmas extra special this year

ORMOND BEACH -- Christmas this year was extra special. I received many gifts, cards and notes from family and friends and yes, emails from people I have never met face-to-face but who share the same values.

Daytona Beach News-Journal's salacious headline puts county chair in negative light

ORMOND BEACH -- I take offense at the Daytona Beach News-Journal headline, "New Volusia chair Davis had 2001 fraud arrest; charge later dropped," which is the latest example of the newspaper disrespecting the vote of the people.

County Chair-elect Jason Davis a man of his word

ORMOND BEACH -- So Jason Davis’s new best friend and advisor is Ted Doran according to a Dec. 1st story in the Daytona Beach News-Journal ( How low will the newspaper go with its negative coverage?

VP debate: Biden arrogant, derisive and rude

ORMOND BEACH -- I’ll just tell you right up front that I expected the worst from Biden and a spirited defense by Ryan. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Lack of moral center leads to horrible consequences

ORMOND BEACH -- In our country’s constant push to remove God from all phases of our public lives, the consequences are too unbearable to handle. This week a Florida teenager gave birth at home in the bathroom, lifted her son from the toilet and choked the life out of him.

Romney absolutely right about entitlements

Liberal newspapers, media pundits and others of the loony left have had a field day because -- ta dah -- Mitt Romney told the truth. They have unearthed a secret video and splashed it all over the Internet.

They are furious and not holding back. This from NewsMax quoting New York Times columnist David Brooks who “called Romney's economic vision "a country-club fantasy." What? Get an education? Get a job? Own a home? Plan for the future? Be self-sufficient, reliable? Of course not. Those goals aren’t part of Obama’s plan for America.

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