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America giving away too much foreign aid

If you ever wonder why our economy is the way it is, it's because our government spends too much helping out the United Nations and all of the countries that dislike us.

Just take a look at the voting records of countries in the U.N. who have voted against us on various matters:

Remembering our war dead this Memorial Day

With Memorial Day around the corner, here's a little history of American war casualties
As of May 14, 2008. the war in Iraq has taken 4,077 American lives.

NASA cuts too deep

Earlier this week, NASA released a sobering employment forecast that reflects the magnitude of the challenge ahead of us with thousands losing their jobs on Florida’s Space Coast.

The April 2 vote to send $50 billion of foreign aid to Africa shows how out of touch this Congress is with hardworking American families, especially those dedicated to keeping NASA flying.

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