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Not everyone can sing the blues

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I had a musician friend of mine who is a blues musician ( he won’t play any other style of music no matter how much you pay him) send me this memo. It is adorable and so true. Musicians and non-musicians will laugh and enjoy. My wife Ann is an excellent vocalist. She has performed with me in concert all over the world. I kid her all the time about not being able to “sing the blues.”

The tough-talking journalist has taken the Internet by storm

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- He is unsightly.  He is not necessarily the most attractive man you will ever meet and does not look healthy. He has horrible communications skills. He is considered brash and pushy when interviewing for news exposés. I'm talking about none other than Henry Frederick, the tough talking one-man show who has kept his brand of award-winning journalism as strong as ever, moving nearly four years ago from print to the Internet without skipping a beat.

The Hub – good for Canal Street and New Smyrna Beach arts

Recently, we did a benefit concert for the Artist's Workshop and I wrote a blog about its history. Now I want to talk about another artist community that is coming to fruition. It's called The Hub.

Benefit Feb. 11 for New Smyrna Beach Artists' Workshop

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- In a minute, we'll have a commercial break. Below this press release about a concert that I am doing in benefit of the Artist Workshop here in new Smyrna Beach, you'll find a little life story of that wonderful organization right here in your own back yard.

'Ricky – The Musical' to highlight early '60s teen idol Ricky Nelson


As a musical director, I have directed a lot of musical theater shows, I have never acted in one nor have I ever written one. When the challenge and commission presented itself to write a musical theater piece on the life of Rick Nelson, I jumped at the chance.

Scripture according to Rick: 'Keep the faith and it will happen'

Community bloggers / Dr. Richard J. Martorano

“Keep the faith and it will happen." That's what I keep telling myself. I am in the entertainment business and like many other businesses; mine has been in the toilet. I am going to try and stay upbeat in this blog because basically, I am an optimist. However as I think about planning a 2011- '12 season, I see nothing upbeat to write about.

Like father, like son and generation to generation: 'The world has gone nuts' / community bloggers / Dr. Rick Martorano of New Smyrna Beach

"The world has gone nuts... I listened to our President deliver the same garbage that has come out of the mouth of every president we have had for the last 40 years. We are now in another non-declared war (Libya) and don’t believe Obama, there will be troops on the ground within weeks.

One more look at the American Music Festival debacle before we move on to other things

NSBNews.Net / blogger

Bad attitude? Most probability. But after a while you just have to say how much is enough. OK, let me beat the dead horse. So much has been written about the debacle with the American Music Festival and Daytona State College College, you're probably sick of reading about it and most bloggers are sick of writing about it. But allow me one more time.

Lessons learned the hard way: What we have been in Volusia County is now history; what we can be is the future / community blogger

I try not to be a difficult person and sometimes I succeed. A lot of times I don’t. Getting older does have one advantage: You can speak your mind more often without worrying what the consequences are going to be. Maybe angering your boss, your wife’s family, that kind of thing. There have been dealings in Volusia County in the business and arts communities over the years that I have just shut my mouth about and kept my opinions to myself because as a businessman, I did not want to piss anyone off.

2010: Year for phony re-branding by the power elite, secret government meetings and the loss of a good paper

It has truly been a wacko year. I don’t know where to begin.

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