Modest Proposals

Guillotine 'justice' always a temptation

The people of the United State of Arizona are setting a brilliant example for democracy in gulliotine justice reminiscent of the French Revolution. Obviously, they do have a cause, if not an excuse, for their rejection of constitutional rights since the federal government has elected to ignore their genuine and irreconcilable problems.

Make way for the grown-ups among us

Listen, my children, and you shall hear the modern charge of Paul Revere. “Say no, 'to progress,' 'yes' to fear, the Socialists are coming!”
So let’s have a tea party. Let’s gather together all the well-washed, privileged, right-wingy little neighborhood brats of banker, CEO, bullion-broker, insurance executive and pharmaceutical czar for the revolting celebration of My Dad’s Richer Than Your Dad, so I Get to Hog the Cake.

A modest clang at clanging cymbals

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13

Hold that Tiger! Make a “Christian” of him so that he may be forgiven for the same adulterous behavior that Gov. Mark Sanford, Senator Ensign and their long line of outsted-from-office“Christian” brethren espouse.

All the angry Americans and the blather of greed polluting life

I wonder if anyone else has noticed how many fat, angry Americans are featured in the public eye and political arena these days.

Scam City USA is where you'll find the incompetent DMV

I modestly propose we send our local government representatives the query below and point out the injustice of being victimized by a law-enforcement that practices extortion on those they vow to "serve," A.K.A. the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There goes security

I would modestly propose that the days of American security have had it. No longer can we depend on George Bush and Company for the only hope their administration promised: to secure our country, our lives and our fortunes. The Obama regime will have to struggle with that accumulated Republican mess, one so prodigious that the Good Lord Himself might declare, "The hell with it!"

Blogger Gerry Tatham: In gold we trust

Our forefathers’ original mistake in printing American currency was to blur the “L” out of it, and so it is that we continue to insist we’re a Christian nation because our coinage hymns out, “In God We Trust.”

Biblically speaking, this was one of those “fortunate falls.” Where else more appropriate for “God” than His endorsement printed on the object Americans worship the most?

“Gold” just doesn’t ring with it!

Blogger Gerry Tatham: An open letter to Sen. Bill Nelson on health-care reform

Dear Senator Nelson:

Your argument that “the devil is in the details” fails to list the kind of “details” that make health care unaffordable for America. One detail is the traitorous, wimpy, back-stabbing politicos willing to finance business interests at the expense of those they are elected to represent.

Blogger Gerry Tatham: Former administration's torture policies an exercise in sadism

Torture of helpless persons powerless to fight back is the sub-human behavior of bullies and tyrants. There is no excuse for deliberately, maliciously inflicting pain and humiliation on anyone. It simply isn’t done!

Only a power-hungry brute labels his victim “terrorist” as he, himself, proceeds to terrorize that victim. An administration that does so while flaunting its “Christian” values deserves to share a special hell with other sub-humans who crucify their enemies.

Blogger: Your government is listening

The Bush League boys, clinging to their life-raft obstruction of Obama’s Ship of State, are really pissed off these days.

And no wonder. “Too much government” is threatening them -- too much Democratic refusal to overlook oversight of illegal activity.

The real, on-the-back, governmental interference in the form of wiretaps on private conversations, e-mails, credit information and illegal targeting of journalists and whistle-blowers doesn’t seem to spell “interference” to the advantaged few.

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