In a quandary over getting a gun

EDGEWATER -- This gun control issue has me in a quandary. While I myself do not currently own a firearm, I have considered buying one and learning how to shoot it.

Fiscal cliff scare shows political parties aren't working for us

EDGEWATER -- Over the Chtistmas holiday, my cousin and I were discussing the “Fiscal Cliff” and how disgusted we are with the lack of cooperation between political parties and she made a comment that I think is the crux of the whole situation: “If the founding Fathers and composers of the Constitution did not compromise, we would still be bowing to the Queen of England.”

Teachers and first responders deserve our praise and prayers in dealing with horror

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Darle Vann, Edgewater community bloggerBy Darlene Vann
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for Headline Surfer
Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlin RaigSandy Hook teacher Kaitlin Raig recalls the situation at hand in an emotional interview with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. The video is included with Darlene Vann's blog installment.

EDGEWATER -- With so many images, statements, concerns and a visibly grieving president speaking to us, what struck me the most in the aftermath of the horrific massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school was ABC anchor Diane Sawyer’s interview with one of the teachers who lived through this tragedy.

Internet newspaper coming of age with multiple awards

EDGEWATER -- This little upstart Internet newspaper as some people call it has certainly grown and come of age in its almost five years of existence. And it shows with the recent awards Henry Frederick, its editor and publisher, received in the Florida Press Club's 2012 journalism contest.

Gratitude to loved ones on Veteran's Day

EDGEWATER This is the time that I always called my Uncle Norm, my father’s brother, to thank him for his service as a medic in the Marines on Iwo Jima for the battle there and wher the famous flag raising took place.

He died last year so I can only hope he still hears me talk to him when I say it again this year. Others in my family were also service members such as my mother’s brother, Ed, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and my maternal grandfather who was a member of the horse Calvary in World War I.

Our votes, not the Electoral College should be choosing our president

This election is a nail bitter and I truly hope it does not come down to the popular vote being ignored and the Electoral College making the choice for our president. I personally think that system should be abolished and I have read that it is slowly being done state by state.

Absentee ballot for November elections a handful to deal with

EDGEWATER -- I got my absentee ballot the other day and was bowled over by how much it includes. It begins with the candidates for president which number 12 in all. including Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan for the PFP party whatever that is.

Vote new blood in November elections

EDGEWATER -- I’ll be honest with you, in the recent primary election I did not want to vote for Carl Persis or Ted Doran so I voted for Jason Davis, even though I did not really know much about him. I did know that Persis and Doran are part of the “good ole boy” network around here that thinks it owns the area and needs to be thrown out on their ears in my opinion.

9/11 key date in American history

EDGEWATER A friend called me earlier and asked me if I knew what today's date is? Since I haven’t been working, I usually am lucky if I know what day of the week it is let alone the date. My friend was distressed that I didn’t know that the date is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Had I known what today’s date was I would have known what he was referring to.

Primary elections: The more things change; the more they stay the same

EDGEWATER -- Looking at the results of the recent primary election just confirmed what I had originally thought. The population keeps moaning about how things aren’t right, then they vote the same people into one office or another and expect change.

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