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Blogger Capt. Budd Neviaser: Armadillos unique creatures

Courtesy photos. At far left, the stages at which an armadillo goes into its protective mode. Smaller photo, the typical image people have of armadillos are the dead ones run over by motorists.

To most folks, an armadillo is a small dead animal lying adjacent to or in the middle of nearly every road in the state of Florida. Of all the 20 species of armadillos only one makes the U.S. its home: The nine–banded armadillo has a range from South Carolina to Florida in the east and to the north commonly to Nebraska.

Blogger Capt. Budd Neviaser: Red foxes cunning hunters

Courtesy photo. The red fox is a skilled hunter.

 Many of us have read stories about the cunning of a red fox trying to outwit his animal brothers and sisters. Despite their looks of long, thin faces and yellow eyes, contributing in part to their crafty reputations; in real life, red foxes are more concerned with finding food than with playing tricks on anyone.

Blogger Capt. Budd Neviaser: Gray fox thrives in Florida's woodlands

Photo by Capt. Budd Neviaser. The gray fox is a loveable creature of the dense Florida wilderness that is fast, agile and primarily a night hunter.

The gray fox, species - Urocyon cinereoargenteus, can be identified by its grizzled upper parts, which are silver gray with reddish sides and a white underside. Additionally, it has a pointed nose and a long bushy tail with a black stripe and tip.

They are often found in Florida’s densely wooded areas throughout the state with the exception of the Keys. The gray fox is fast, agile, and can run up to 30 miles per hour for short distances. It is primarily nocturnal spending the daylight hours in a hollow log or underground.

Blogger: Capt. Budd Neviaser: Extremely large dolphin catches lately; plus, federal concern over red snapper depletion

Courtesy photo. Connie Tippins holds her first-place  26.7-pound dolphin caught during the Halifax Sport Fishing Club Tournament held June 6.

The Halifax Sport Fishing Club held its annual ladies tournament – Bruce Tippins put his wife, Connie on the first-place dolphin, which weighed 26.7 pounds. Angela King got first place Wahoo overall winner, and Susan Cloer landed the largest kingfish.

The junior angler award went to Kaitlyn Bumpass. With the good weather recently, the dolphin bite offshore remained quite hot with many fish weighing up to 40 pounds being brought to the dock.

Blogger Capt. Budd Neviaser: Record rainfall hurts NSB Fish Stock tournament

Courtesy photo. Lightning was one thing, but nearly 20 inches was quite another to dampen anyone's spirits during the week-long rain storms that finally ended Sunday.

The weather this past week has not been conducive for fishing anywhere, but in the nearest local aquarium. The Fish Stock tournament had a major disappointment due to the terrible weather including the nearly 20 inches of rain that we experienced, adding to a record drenching for May.

Blogger: Bats can be a problem this time of year, but they do eat a lot of insects

Courtesy photo. Bats like this one can eat up to 3,000 insects in one night.

Bats are beautiful because, most of the time, they make life for humans much easier. They are the most important controller of might-flying insects.

Experts with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report that a single bat can eat up to 3,000 insects a night.

Capt. Budd Extra: Big fishing tournament for kids May 16

Attention parents: There is an opportunity of lifetime for your children to fish a youth tournament fashioned after a real fishing tournament on May 16. Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida's Mid Coast Chapter, which encompasses Volusia, Flagler, St. John's and Seminole counties and south to Titusville in Brevard County will hold its inaugural Youth Inshore Classic Fishing Tournament on that date.

This will be a full scale adult style tournament, but is for anglers 17-years-old and younger. It is a "Catch, Photo, and Release" targeting only Redfish, Trout and Jack Crevalle.

Blogger: March fishing weather typical -- Spring turkey-hunting season is here

Courtesy photo. Capt. Budd Neviaser's son, Jim Neviaser, poses with his trophy. It's Spring turkey season and Capt. Budd has the latest information in his blog below.

Blogger: Weather atypical for fishing this time of year

Photos by Capt. Budd Neviaser. Take a kid fishing as he or she will be a better person from the experience as demonstrated by this youngster, at left. At right, it should not be long before the Cobia start showing up.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Our weather is atypical for this time of the year.

Either we've had a very brief winter and it is time for the snowbirds to go back to the north or more likely Mother Nature is playing tricks on us again, in which case the snowbirds had better sit tight.

Blogger: Mother Nature plays aquatic tricks in cool of winter


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