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The weather is the typical summer-time fishing weather hot, humid and thunderstorms. The good news is that several captains are seeing the cold water is resolving but it is still spotty yet. Fish seem to be marking better, however.

The dolphin have moved north with no reports of any being caught this week. SST’s are 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The King Mackerel continues to be the main trolling fish - mostly on wrecks and artificial reefs and barracudas. are also being caught. Capt. John Krall continues to slam the kingfish, red snapper. and grouper. Cobia are under debris and loggerhead turtles. Nobody has seen any rays. Several sailfish have been caught recently. Little tunny are still testing the endurance of the light line anglers. The bottom bite for back sea bass, trigger fish, vermillion and Lane snapper has slowed but continues to be good. A lot of genuine American red snapper were landed this week. Amberjack continue to give anglers great fights.

Fish seem to be marking better despite cold-water upwelling

Calamari a la Dennis.

Fish marking much better

Is something backwards here??

Lots of rain and humidity typical of summer fishing

“Hot, humid and a lot of rain” (and in some cases hail) pretty sums up the weather for the past couple of weeks. That is typical for summer-time fishing.

The dolphin bite continues to be satisfactory but they are not as plentiful as in the spring. Most action is in the 16-20 fathom range. The King Mackerel continue to be just inside -- mostly on wrecks and artificial reefs. The bottom bite for vermilion and Lane snapper, back sea bass, trigger fish, and genuine American red snapper continues to be good. A little deeper the gags and red grouper are being caught. Past the 28 fathom curve, big red porgies and snowy and scamp grouper have been boated.

Ban on entangling nets continues with unanimous FWC vote

Recall that I recently explained that a new attack on the net ban law that was passed overwhelmingly in 1994 by the Florida voters would take place at the FWC meeting in Dania earlier this month.

Fishing and Weather is “HOT”

The persistent "good weather" produced by long term high pressure systems in conjunction with the effects of La Nina continue to produce dry, hot conditions. Already the sea surface temperatures off Ponce Inlet range from &8 to 82 degrees. Fortunately as we go to posting this article there is no evidence of red tide statewide.

King mackerel still biting; scattered reports of blue marlin and sailfish

A perfectly placed gaff puts the angler's dinner in the box.

Well spring is gone and summer-like temperatures and winds are interfering with many types of fishing. 

Offshore most boats were encountering dolphin – some several relatively large. Generally they were found outside the 28 Fathom curve on out to 240 feet in the clearer water.

Sea surface temperatures offshore on the rise

WahooThe 2008 march of the winter cold fronts accompanied by following high pressure ridges (defined as an elongated areas of high pressure in the atmosphere lying between two areas of low pressure) has ended. Gone are their windy days and nights leading to many SCA’s and SCE’s.

Fishing is hot everywhere


Dolphin are all over the ocean thrilling anglers.

The water temperatures are in the low 70s and the fishing is hot everywhere. Tournaments are in full swing and anglers are having a ball -- well, most of them, that is.

Offshore most boats are encountering dolphin - several approximating sixty pounds. Several boats have reported that they had blue marlin in their spreads. At least one had a marlin hooked up that rapidly over-powered the tackle in use and bid the angler "adieu."  

Don't feed wild animals

Allow me to tell you a little bit about me. I am a charter boat operator, who has fished the east coast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean and the waters around Ponce Inlet and the Lagoon for over 35 years.
I am also an avid conservation-minded outdoorsman and hunter and will be honored to write Fish, Feathers and Fur (and sometimes articles relating to general wildlife) for NSB News and

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