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Secretary of State: John Kerry's swan song

DEBARY -- John Kerry had his unsuccessful bid to become president, but his campaign allowed a state senator from Illinois to have a prime speaking spot, thus setting up America's futurewith someone far worse than the Conservatives could ever imagine in Barack Obama.

FDA regulations too great a burden on small farmers

EDGEWATER -- So the FDA has now passed “sweeping new safety rules” to keep our food safe and avoid these outbreaks of bacteria born disease which have killed many of this country’s citizens. Now, isn’t that nice?

Should the producers of our food have to be told to keep their facilities and their machinery clean? Should they have to be told to insure irrigation water is clean, that workers wash their hands and animals be kept out of the growing areas? Must they be threatened with inspectors so they will do what is only the moral and right thing to do?

GOP's Herman Cain the real deal


We left the Orlando Peabody Hotel Friday evening and quick-stepped over to the Rosen Center for a “Meet and Greet” with Presidential candidate Herman Cain. It was scheduled to begin at 7:30 but delayed while management set up a room twice as large to hold the excited Republicans. And still the crowd spilled over.

Boston bombings & aftermath: Everything happened so fast

EDGEWATER -- Can you believe what this country went through this past week in Boston and its neighboring communities? Not since 9/11 have we as Americans been so glued to our television sets, and of course, the internet. The media coverage was instant, continuous, and for once, I didn’t disagree with that because events were happening so fast.

Dumping Easter Bunny is political correctness gone amuck

EDGEWATER -- A Madison, Ala. school principal banned the word "Easter" from her school this year. Say what? She says it was in the interest of religious diversity.

Washington budget woes: Cut federal paychecks by 10 percent

EDGEWATER -- The budget problems for President Obama and the lawmakers in Congress can be tackled by making additional cuts. It's so simple.

Good grief! Messed up cruise does not rise to level of national tragedy

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Good grief! You could not get away from the anguished and alarmist reporting about the Triumph, a luxury cruise ship that experienced mechanical and systems breakdowns as a result of a contained fire. The ship did not sink; it floated safely around in the Gulf of Mexico until tug boats could tow it into port.

Federal and state policy updates: Whether we like it or not, government decisions affect our ability to prosper

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Mortgage interest deductions. Flood insurance. Short sale and foreclosure mortgage forgiveness. Property insurance. Commercial Business Taxes. Private property rights. New Federal banking rules. The upcoming Florida Legislative Session. Economic growth and opportunity. The housing market. Settlement payments for improperly foreclosed upon homeowners.

We may be onto something

ORMOND BEACH -- Remember how Albert Einstein sitting at his desk as an assistant patent clerk in Bern Switzerland dreamed up the Theory of Relativity just through daydreaming thought experiments back in 1905?. Well I've been thinking about the debt and deficits run by the Congress and a variety of administrations along the same lines.

Think twice about special taxing districts

I've condensed highlights of an article from the Wall Street Journal. These talking points apply directly to our County taxing authorities who have combined to give Volusia County near the highest property tax in the state.

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