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Disgust too mild a word for our 'leaders' in Washington with the Fiscal Cliff

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- What we witnessed in Washington, DC, over the past few weeks – both in the posturing, unseriousness and sheer disregard for the duties that our elected representatives, including both Congress and the White House, were voted by the American people to handle responsibly –was as despicable as anything I have ever witnessed in federal government.

Florida Senate seat 8: Keep the power on or turn It off?

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Republican House member Dorothy Hukill and Volusia County Council Chairman Frank Bruno are and have been engaged in a mighty battle to represent District 8 in the Florida Senate. When the dust settles, the individual standing will represent most of Volusia County, a large part of Marion County and a sliver of Lake County.

Race and the great divide as witnessed in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case

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Good grief! Messed up cruise does not rise to level of national tragedy

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Good grief! You could not get away from the anguished and alarmist reporting about the Triumph, a luxury cruise ship that experienced mechanical and systems breakdowns as a result of a contained fire. The ship did not sink; it floated safely around in the Gulf of Mexico until tug boats could tow it into port.

Federal and state policy updates: Whether we like it or not, government decisions affect our ability to prosper

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Mortgage interest deductions. Flood insurance. Short sale and foreclosure mortgage forgiveness. Property insurance. Commercial Business Taxes. Private property rights. New Federal banking rules. The upcoming Florida Legislative Session. Economic growth and opportunity. The housing market. Settlement payments for improperly foreclosed upon homeowners.

Mom turns 90 amidst a cultural, financial and policy crisis

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- My mother turned 90 on Sunday, Jan. 20. It was a time for celebration and thankfulness.

Tea Party is alive and well

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The Elections have come and gone and many folks are too weary to think about politics. However, one political element that got little attention during the recent elections was the “Tea Party.”

Election 2012: The good, the bad and the ugly

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I admit to being one optimist who believed with little doubt that Election Day 2012 would result in a glorious result. My optimism was partially rewarded and partially crushed by the voters, those running campaigns, those counting votes and those reporting events (or not).

Who is really waging a war on women?

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Many readers will understand when I acknowledge that I watched as much of the Democrats’ convention as I could. I did listen to the speeches of both the president and the first lady out of respect. I listened to as much of former President Clinton’s mendacity as I could stomach.

Voter opinion polling: What you need to know

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We’ve voted in the primaries, the nominations are completed and now the general election looms ahead. Responsible citizen-voters are seriously studying the candidates and their positions on issues of interest to them. Hopefully, they are looking at the positions and voting records of those who have previously held office.

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