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Senior prank: New Smyrna Beach High School 'for sale'

New Smyrna Beach High SchoolNew Smyrna Beach High School senior class prank
Photos by Jeanette DiCara / Just how this sign -- an apparent senior class prank -- was able to be posted so high off the ground remains a mystery.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- As I drove two of my daughters to New Smyrna Beach High School on Monday, May 9, I saw a sign on the building: "FOR SALE." I thought, "Ha! That's a good one."

It was carefully tied 20 feet above the ground. I laughed when I saw that the 2011 senior class took credit for it. Of course, this is the school prank of 2011 that seniors traditionally leave behind.

Jim Tager, principal of the high school said he doesn't know who did it. He's glad this year's prank was not anything destructive. His biggest worry was how high off the ground it was placed by someone.

It would seem that a cherry picker type of vehicle would have done it because of the slope on the roof below it and the height of the rope tied, but I don't think the school should focus on who did it.

My daughters saw rubber ducks in the school's pond one recent year. As long as no one is hurt and there is no property damage I think this is a fun way to have the school administration, students and teachers to remember each unique group of graduates.

Daughters asking how someone could bring themselves to do this terrible crime to children?

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Jeanette DiCaraBy Jeanette DiCara
Community blogger
Headline Surfer

EDGEWATER -- My family and I were shocked and very saddened to find out that an adult had killed young children in Newtown Connecticut on Friday. My daughters asked me how someone could bring themselves to do this terrible crime to children?

We pondered together on how could it be possible that any person be so disconnected from the empathy they have for others to commit such a heinous act on anyone, else especially on innocent children?

As I think back on my children in their early elementary school years, I remember being able to still pick them up and curling up in bed with them at story time each night.

Dorothy Hukill needs to make 'Heartfelt apology' for radio political ad making fun of Italian-American heritage

EDGEWATER -- I find it very offensive that dist. 8 State Senate candidate Dorothy Hukill's radio ad pointing out her difference from her opponent, Frank Bruno, was to make fun of the New York-area Italian-American accent. This is an unfortunate turn of events in the campaigns.

9/11 anniversary: 'Happy to be a part of this great country'

EDGEWATER -- "Are you watching TV?" was the first thing out of my husband's mouth in a surprise phone call where he worked in Pennsylvania when we lived up north on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Memorial Day ceremony in Edgewater draws 100 people

Photos for Headline Surfer by Jeanette DiCara / Veterans and citizens pray during Memorial Day services at the Edgewater-New Smyrna Cemetery.

EDGEWATER -- The air was hot and breezy and the expected rain held off as a tent filled with 100 or so patriotic people enjoyed the Memorial Day ceremony at the Edgewater-New Smyrna Cemetery ceremony on U.S. 1 with American Legion Post 285 Cmdr. Wallace Ferreira serving as the master of ceremonies.

Railroad crossings in Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach reminder of horrific bus-train crash in Valley Cottage, NY

EDGEWATER -- The bus full of high school band students I was chaperoning grew quiet so suddenly that it was eerie. When I looked up, I saw the bus driver stop just short of the railroad tracks and open the door to listen then looked all around.

Sea Scouts contribute to oyster restoration project in New Smyrna Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Voluteers are needed and you and your family can have some fun while being part of a oyster reef restoration project.

Flawless landing and end of an era for space shuttle

Atlantis touched down flawlessly at 5:56 Thursday morning after three decades of space shuttle missions to the International Space Station and the Russian station Mir and the Hubble Telescope. I heard the sonic booms of re-entry for the final time outside my Edgewater home.

Space shuttle Atlantis seen from Edgewater a welcome sight


I took a photo of the last space shuttle launch from my back yard and watched my family viewing it climb into the heavens with awe, waiting for the usual rumble sound. Since my youth, I have been encouraged to follow aerospace technology having a father who was a pilot by profession and a brother who worked for Grumman in Melbourne.

Jammin' in the Park fundraiser for Cudas band music to the ears

Community bloggers / Jeanette DiCara of Edgewater

The second annual Jammin' in the Park by the New Smyrna Beach High School Cudas band and others has come and gone, but the music and the energy continues from the April 9 fundraiser at Hawk's Park in Edgewater.

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