Sound of Silence

Making a teen appreciate your authority when it comes to school work

EDGEWATER -- There are several areas we are going to tackle to make a teen respect your authority without pulling your hair out. They are in the areas of school work, house chores/rules, and friendship picking.

What happens when authoritative discipline and unconditional love fails?

EDGEWATER -- There comes a moment or sets of moments when we wonder if it was all for naught. Was all my patient plea and serious consequences go in one ear and come out the next.

Not Big Bird, but the price at the pump

EDGEWATER -- As I was going through my daily morning news review, I recognized one thing: the dismissive attitude of the subsidy cutting of public information. Why aren't my fellow Republicans up in arms regarding removing unbiased public information.

Unconditional love and authoritative discipline keys to dealing with teens

EDGEWATER -- When dealing with teenagers, being abrasive, snide, snippy, and sarcastic is never a route to take. Applying doses of unconditional love and mounds of authoritative discipline makes every situation more manageable on your end as a parent.

Teens not qualified to talk back

EDGEWATER -- Teenagers are not qualified to talk back. Experience of life is the true qualifier to have any spoken word allowed. I deal with teens on a daily basis and find their insolence far from cute.

Dealing with the talking back teenager

In the past, I relegated my blog to discussing moral issues regarding the impact of silence. Yet, to my shame, I left my own passion and obligation in the balance. That would probably explain why my blogs have been so sporadic with little focus. Thus, I have decided to switch my focus to discussing teens and issues surrounding them.

The silence of Exxon and Republican greed shameful

Exxon profits this spring were $11 billion in three months. With gas prices at record numbers and the average family cost to fill a minivan at $70, why are the Republicans still fighting to keep the subsidies for oil companies?

With all that is going on in the world today when was the last time you told a really good truth?

When was the last time you told a really good truth? I am finding that deception is becoming commonplace amongst our society to where it can be viewed as justifiable if it is a means to an end.

Brokanomics Mentality 201: How it's taught

Brokanomics mentality is instant gratification in action: It creates a void of understanding to those who decides to partake in its procedure. It does not deny anyone the right to utilize its weighty consequences. It creates a sense of satisfaction and gratification upon use.

Brokanomics Mentality 101: Are you are Broke-a-naire?

As I was driving down the now-heavily trafficked streets of New Smyrna Beach, I could not help but turn on the radio to aleve me of the stress of 10 cars in front of me at the light when I heard the ostentatious commentary of our local neighbors yapping about the gift Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs gave his son for his 16th birthday. It sounded like the case of the broke-a-naires once again not understanding economics.

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