Unfinished Business

Message of peace for this holiday season in our little community that provides many blessings

While I have another editorial ready for posting, I think it is more important to send a message of peace for the holiday season. While we have concerns about the manner in which we are governed and the fiscal survivability of our little town, we are at the same time blessed with the benefits of its small-town characteristics and natural resources.

NSB government leaders trying to silence public with changes in their meeting procedures

Resolution 43-10: Never heard of it? Well, they are at it again. And who are they? The City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk, joined at the hip with the New Smyrna Beach City Commission, that's who.

Volusia County Councilwoman Joie Alexander truly a class act in 2010 general elections

Volusia County Councilwoman Joie Alexander is a class act. Not only did she, unlike her opponent, run an ethical and clean campaign, she took the effort to stand on various streets here in New Smyrna Beach with a big “Thank You” sign after she won in an effort to truly thank those voters that elected her to the district 3 seat after she was term-limited as an at-large member.

800-pound gorilla that is city government eating our banana tax dollars

Unfinished Businessc

Last Tuesday night was another act in the long running Kabuki theater at the City Commission meeting. According to the reports, Commissioner Jim Hathaway, supported by Mayor Adam Barringer and Commissioner Judy Reiker, voted to return the millage rate to last year's rate, thus negating the proposed rollback rate from the last meeting.

Budgets and fiscal failure of NSB government must reverse course

As the budget process proceeds to its climatic end on Sept. 28, I thought about how we got to the mess we are in. In my opinion, it boils down to a failure of the City and the City Commission to hold the line on costs while continuing to spend with abandon on non-essential programs in the face of a recession and dwindling income.

Angler’s Club waterfront lease to be debated tonight

Editor's Note: The New Smyrna Beach City Commission meets 6:30 tonight at City Hall to discuss the possible sale of the Angler's Club waterfront property on the North Causeway that has become a tug of war between citizens and the private organization as to the net worth of the acreage that was consumated in the mid-1940s with a 99-year lease with the city for the public-owned property for a paltry sum. NSBNEWS.net has posted blogger Palmer Wilson's take on the issue here on the home page as well as his customary spot on the Opinion page because ogf the importance of the issue. NSBNEWS.net has not taken a stand on the issue either way.

Well I see it is August and time for the City Commission to sneak things through on a packed agenda when most of the citizens are on vacation or just out of town. If you wade halfway through the 417 pages of the Aug. 10 agenda you will find a ridiculously low-ball offer from the Angler’s Club to buy the property that has been the center of debate for over 18 months.

Unfinished Business blogger Palmer Wilson is taking some time off

New Smyrna Beach blogger Palmer Wilson is taking a few weeks off .

Smoke and mirrors at City Hall

Since taking office in November on a promise to cut spending while maintaining essential services for the residents of New Smyrna Beach, Mayor Adam Barringer, Commissioner Judy Reiker and incumbent Commissioner Jack Grasty (returned in the primary), have done just the opposite.

Citizens Budget Review Task Force has no teeth without review of union spending

When I initially read that the New Smyrna Beach City Commission had appointed several citizens to a budget review task force I was elated. But my elation was short lived after reading the enabling resolution. That's because City Manager Pam Brangaccio's initiative ignores the most expensive part of the budget for this task force: Union contracts.

Despite the feel-good task force, the city manager seems intent on continuing to draw money from the reserves to cover shortfalls as opposed to cutting union contract-driven expenses as propsed in her long-term budget plsan unveiled last fall.

Angler Adam Barringer can bring the Anglers to the table and negotiate a new lease

More than a year has passed since the discussion commenced that led to an opinion from a competent outside counsel that the lease was void from the start, but after untold hours of City Commission time, the problem with the Angler Club and their lease remains unsolved.

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