Unfinished Business

An open letter to Congresswoman Kosmas on health care

You have again failed to listen to the voters of your district and chosen, in your vote Sunday night on the Health-care bill, to follow the lead of Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Party. This health-care bill is a disaster and fiscally irresponsible for current and future generations of taxpayers. It will destroy the health care of my family and others that reside in your district and the nation as a whole.

The cycle of police spending and inverted pyramids

I noted with interest recently how the Daytona Beach News-Journal ran a gushing piece of public relations trivia on the new New Smyrna Beach Police Station that included Chief Ron Pagano’s "plan" to save money.

Mayor's economic development has a 'war stopper'

Well, Mayor Adam Barringer has floated his plan for comment and while it contains some good parts (especially where he identifies the threats, although he missed few that reside by the water), I guess I should first thank him for using my suggested vision for the city. So, thanks Adam, and I hope if helps set the course.

Mayor’s 100-Day economic plan and 800-pound gorillas coming to a head

We are anxiously anticipating the Mayor’s 100 day plan in the next few days. We hope what we see is what is necessary. It will be conventional to only include those long needed and ambitious improvements to the tourist and hospitality sectors, mixed with some modicum of light research and development of “green” manufacturing as goals.

Leases, leases, leases

A quick review of the City Commission’s recent agendas and subsequent results leads one to conclude that they are more interested in spending our tax dollars as opposed to curbing spending and thus reducing taxes. A glaring example is the city's lax attention to its leases.

Gunfight with blanks at the NSB corral

Wednesday night's City Commission meeting was a study in awkwardness for both the City Commission and its interim city manager. What should have been a work session on coming to consensus regarding a possible city manager contract, was deliberately changed by someone in City Hall into a special meeting where votes are possible.

Special interests won and the taxpayer lost

The City Commission on Tuesday night committed to spend $130,000.00 of your money to benefit special interest groups when they voted 5-0 to support an Echo Grant application for the "Richenberg Fish Farm" at the old high school site.

Yes, this is the "fantasy zone project" that you have been assured for two years that NO CITY MONEY would be used to support. And where did they find the money? You guessed it, in the "bare bones" 2009-2010 budget that just two months ago Commissioner Jack Grasty whined could not be cut or "people would lose their jobs."

Blogger Palmer Wilson: Expectation of change is here

Well, we have what appears to be a very close finish in the Mayor and Zone 1 commission races, with vote advantage to Adam Barringer and Judy Reiker; respectively, with congratulations to both for victories.

From the vote count it looks more than 6,000 city voters were interested enough in the outcome to go out and vote, and that bodes well for the future. What this really means, in my view, is we still have a very divided city, at least in terms of trust and expectations of elected officials.

Blogger Palmer Wilson: Looking at spending issues from the citizen side of the podium

Hello, my name is Palmer Wilson and I lost a primary election in 2009 in New Smyrna Beach. Now for the good news. Henry Frederick has asked me to share my thoughts on the state of the city and some of my ideas on how to fix the problems, by taking on this commentary spot on his website, NSBNEWS.Net.
I have agreed, but with one stipulation: that the content be focused on issues that continue to demand attention within this wonderful city we call home as opposed to any individuals.

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