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Oak Hill Commissioner Ron Engele switches from department head supervisor of police to roads and bridges

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Photo by Sera Frederick / Commissioner Ron Engele gave the ejection signal at the April 25 meeting as shown in this file photo to have removed from the meeting. Two weeks later, he was a no-show and Mayor Mary Lee Cook apologized publicly to for Engele's boorish and illegal behavior, adding the rest of the commission was guilty as well for not standing up to him.

 OAK HILL -- Without explanation, department head supervision of the police department was switched from Commissioner Ron Engele to newly appointed Commissioner Douglas Gibson tonight.

Engele was returned to department head supervisor of roads and bridges. Gibson, who was appointed by the commission at a special meeting Friday told after Monday's meeting he had "no idea" why this occurred. Gibson, though, said he wasn't opposed to it since he is a retired trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol and believes his experience in law enforcement should benefit the city.

Armed New Smyrna Beach man foils burglary; two 18-year-old Oak Hill residents arrested

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Devon RamseyKatie GravitzJennifer JonesCourtesy photos / Devon Ramsey and Katie Gravitz, both 18 of Oak Hill, are accused of the burglary of a New Smyrna Beach-area residence with help from Jennifer Jones, a roommate of that home who is accused of being an accomplice and planning the crime.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- A burglary caper at a mobile home park near New Smyrna Beach was foiled late Saturday afternoon by a neighbor with a gun who decided to take matters into his own hands, a Volusia County Sheriff's spokesman said.

The neighbor chased down the fleeing suspects and detained them for responding deputies. After deputies sorted everything out, they discovered that the break-in was an inside job planned by the victim's roommate, Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said.

Deborah Boyd resigns from the New Smyrna Beach based-Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority

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Deborah BoydPhoto by Henry Frederick / A tough-talking, no-nonsense director for eight years with the Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority, Deborah Boyd is moving on.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Deborah Boyd, the stalwart of a revenue stream that was being pulled in different directions has resigned her management post with Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority.

Autopsy results: Body found in flames of minivan in wooded area of Deltona that of a man

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DELTONA -- The body found in the charred remains of minivan rental found early Thursday on a dirt trail in a wooded area off Lake Helen Osteen Road is that of a man and the case is being investigated as a possible homicide.

"The Volusia County Medical Examiner's Office performed an autopsy on Thursday, but has not ruled on the cause of death," Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said. "The victim is an adult male who has not yet been positively identified. However, it isn't the person who rented the minivan, as investigators have located him safe and sound."

Volusia County Sheriff's Office: Body of human found in burning van in Deltona

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DELTONA -- The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation after a body was found inside a burning vehicle in woods down a dirt trail off of Lake Helen Osteen Road near Haulover Boulevard early this morning.

The initial call about the fire came in from a resident at about 12:10 a.m. Thursday leading to the grisly discovery of the body, Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said.

Firefighters making progress on brush fires in DeLand and Barberville; biggest in Pierson and newest south of Oak Hill

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PIERSON -- Firefighters from four agencies continued to make progress Sunday on three brush fires that started in West Volusia the day before.

The Pierson fire, near the intersection Bell Fountaine Avenue and Carruthers Lane, grew to 243 acres and is 80 percent contained. Volusia County Fire Services was assisted by the Firewalkers, a multi-agency team of firefighters who specialize in brush fires, in this rural fire.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office: 7-Eleven clerk foils robbery attempt / breaking news / same-day coverage

DAYTONA BEACH -- An alert clerk at the 7-Eleven at 1200 Flomich St., foiled a masked robber early this morning by running from the counter and into the back of the store as he was coming in and when the robber didn't see anyone he quickly took off, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

"No weapon was seen or implied," Sheriff's spokesman Gary Haught said of the 2:34 a.m. Saturday robbery attempt at the 24-hour convenience store, just outside the city limits. "This is the second time the store was targeted. A man had robbed it Monday morning and got away with some cash."

Volusia County Beach Patrol: Surfer bitten by shark off Ormond Beach / breaking news / same-day coverage

ORMOND BEACH -- A 37-year-old surfer was bitten in the calf by a shark 6:30 this morning near the Harvard Drive approach, Volusia County Beach Patrol officials said.

The surfer, Adrian Bronson, was surfing in shallow water Friday morning when he received a bite resulting in a minor puncture wound. Bronson declined to go the hospital and instead told lifeguards he was heading to work, Beach Patrol Capt. Tammy Marris said.

Oak Hill Mayor Mary Lee Cook apologizes for illegal action by Commissioner Ron Engele in having tossed from meeting; adding she and her colleagues were 'all guilty'

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Oak Hill City Commissioner Ron Engele

Videos and photos by Sera Frederick / Oak Hill Commissioner Ron Engele did not show up at the last meeting during which the mayor apologized for his behavior at the April 25 meeting when he had two people thrown out of the meeting hall and went on a rant.  

OAK HILL -- Mayor Mary Lee Cook has apologized to Henry Frederick, editor/publisher and founder of for the illegal actions of Commissioner Ron Engele in having him removed from the previous meeting, adding all of the commissioners, including herself are "guilty" for having allowed it to happen in the first place.

Does it really take 22 people to pare 45 applicants to six to present to Daytona State College's trustees in choosing a new president?

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T.K. WetherellCourtesy photo / Former Florida House Speaker T.K. Wetherell leads a search committee of 22 people that is charged with paring 42 applicants to six for presentment to the Daytona State College Board of Trustees, which will choose the next president.

DAYTONA BEACH -- Excessive is the way to describe the number of people on the search committee to choose a new president for Daytona State College: 22. And of those members, 15 are directly tied to the college either as an employee or board member.

Come Friday, they are expected to squeeze into a room to begin the arduous task of choosing a new president, akin to the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation. The product is education. And like a corporation, Daytona State College is an institution that rises and falls on the quality of instruction as students decide where to spend their education dollars.

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