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Ex-Oak Hill Mayor: Embattled Police Chief Diane Young not only snorted coke and smoked pot, but also popped ludes

Oak Hill Cops: Cocaine, Corruption & Chaos / NSBNEWS.net exclusive

Oak Hill Police Chief Diane Young admits using drugs before she was a cop.Photo by Sera Frederick / Police Chief Diane Young has been dogged by a host of problems since she became the city's top cop in March 2010, including two sergeants suspended under her command.

OAK HILL -- Before she became a cop, by her own admission, Diane Young snorted cocaine 100 times and smoked marijuana. She also took quaaludes, commonly referred to as "ludes," according to results of a lie detector test she took as part of her hiring process.

The embattled police chief, beset by a host of corruption allegations by rogue cops under her command for more than a year, admitted to the cocaine and marijuana usage in writing on her application with the city eight years ago. But she left off her use of quaaludes, a highly addictive drug similar to barbiturates, known for its euphoric effects.

The discovery of the third drug was made last month by then-Mayor Darla Lauer who abruptly resigned, saying initially in a resignation letter to the city that it was because of her pending move to Alaska where her husband, an air traffic controller, has a new job. But Lauer told NSBNews.net moments after her e-mailed resignation she was "fed up with the corruption under the command of an inept chief" she never wanted in the first place because of her sordid drug history.

Edgewater cops: Barefoot robber barrels into woman's residence demanding pills

public safety

EDGEWATER -- A barefoot man barrelled his way into a woman's home Thursday and demanded pills before he ran off with undisclosed amount property, Edgewater police said.

The victim was accosted at 10:20 a.m. in her India Palm Drive home by a stranger as she was walking inside and forced her in the rest of the way.

Passenger traffic at Daytona Beach International Airport up 16 percent in April

Local economy

DAYTONA BEACH -- Passenger traffic at Daytona Beach International Airport increased 16 percent in April, compared with the same period last year.

Last month, 54,603 incoming and outgoing passengers passed through Daytona Beach International Airport. This compares with 46,888 total passengers in April 2010. For the 12-months ending April 30, passenger traffic increased 17 percent over the prior year to 515,352.

'Extinction of Pure Evil' by President Obama worthy of our high praise and our votes in 2012

community bloggers / Gerry Tatham of Edgewater

Editor's Note: Previously, a conservative Republican's point of view on President Obama's performance with the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden was posted for Daytona Beach Shores resident Stan Escudero. Here is a liberal Democrat's perspective as presented by community blogger Gerry Tatham of Edgewater:
Courtesy photo / Osama bin Laden, the face of evil, is no more.

Suspended Oak Hill Sgt. Manuel Perez puts city on notice he intends to sue; alleges Police Chief Diane Young threatened to cut off his pay

Breaking news / continuing coverage

Oak Hill Police Sgt. Manuel PerezPhotos by Sera Frederick / Manuel Perez is the second Oak Hill sergeant to be placed on administrative leave under embattled Police Chief Diane Young. Perez claims Young has threatened to cut off his pay. Please click the attachment to read his allegations.

OAK HILL -- Suspended Sgt. Manuel Perez put the city on notice in writing Tuesday that he is suing Police Chief Diane Young and the municipality, claiming sexual harassment, racial discrimination and other job-related issues.

Osama bin Laden is dead at long last: Now what for our country and President Obama's presidency?

community bloggers / Stan Escudero of Daytona Beach Shores

Editor's Note: Because Stan Escudero of Daytona Beach Shores, a community blogger for NSBNews.net, has vast experience as a foreign ambassador for the U.S. government, he was asked to submit his take on the implications of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden and what Americans can expect from al-Qaeda in response. Escudero, a conservative Republican, also was asked for his take on what the implications are for President Obama with the Bin Laden takedown for re-election for another for years as president. NSBNews.net will also have a response from one of its liberal Democratic community bloggers.
Courtesy photo / Osama bin Laden, the face of evil, is no more.

The raid Sunday which killed Osama bin Laden was a fine victory for the United States and the world, and President Obama deserves his share of the credit for it, but does that in and of itself make a presidency or even justify re-election? The answer is "no!"

It's the American intelligence ops and the U.S. Navy SEALS who hunted down and killed Bin Laden for whom we owe the greatest gratitude and honor. Americans everywhere are rejoicing and rightly so: The terrorist mastermind was the embodiment of the slaughter of the innocents which Islamic Terrorism has committed since 9/11.

GOP Congresswoman Sandy Adams issues statement of praise for intelligence and military forces for 'bringing Bin Laden to justice,' but leaves out President Obama

Breaking news / same-day coverage / partylines political notebook

Osama bin LadenCongresswoman Sandy AdamsNEW SMYRNA BEACH – GOP Congresswoman Sandy Adams, whose 24th district includes New Smyrna Beach,  issued a statement from Washington praising the intelligence and military forces involved in the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden but made no mention of President Obama.

Sources: Oak Hill commissioner Ron Engele 'standing drunk' during storm response, but Police Chief Diane Young does 'absolutely nothing' to stop him from driving off

Breaking news / reported here first

Oak Hill Police Chief Diane YoungOak Hill City Commissioner Ron EngelePhotos by Sera Frederick / Allegations of wrongdoing and improper behavior in Oak Hill under the command of Police Chief Diane Young (shown in the smaller photo), have spread beyond the police force to include staff and elected officials, including City/Clerk Administrator Laura Goodearly and Comm

Marco Rubio ratchets up political energy with appearance at Daytona Beach News-Journal Center

Sally Gillies / chief political blogger

Photo by Sally Gillies / U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio tackles the tough questions in his appearance Wednesday in Daytona Beach.

DAYTONA BEACH -- The crowd of about 200 filed into the theater at the News-Journal Center and found every seat had a perfect view of the plain black stage. They waited patiently through introductions of the myriad local politicians as did the man of the hour, who stood near the back next to the curtain. But when he strode to center stage it was like turning on a thousand-watt light bulb and audience members went wild. Yes, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio was greeted like a rock star.

Second Oak Hill sergeant suspended under the command of embattled Police Chief Diane Young

Reported here first / continuing coverage

Oak Hill Cops: Cocaine, Corruption & Chaos

Photos by Sera Frederick and Henry Frederick / Oak Hill police Sgt. Manny Perez, shown far left, is the second sergeant suspended under the administration of Chief Diane Young on corruption charges. Mike Ihnken, shown in the middle photo, was fired March 28.

OAK HILL -- Corruption allegations continue unabated in the Oak Hill police force with yet another sergeant suspended with pay -- this time accused of stealing gas from the city pump.

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