2008 'Cudas finale brings back memories of '52 football season

Editor's Note: One week after the New Smyrna Beach 'Cudas finished the 2008 football season with a convincing 21-13 victory over the DeLand Bulldogs, Peter Mallory, a member of the 1952 squad that triumphed in the miracle on the gridiron, was so thrilled by what the 21st-century team had done against their playoff-bound opponents that he was inspired to write this story:

Pete Mallory Football

The one thing you had to admire about first year Coach Pete Maman was that he showed absolutely no signs of the panic and despair that must have gripped him as he looked out over the practice field. No matter how many times he counted heads he could only find 12 candidates who had shown up for his first August practice session at New Smyrna High School in 1952. I was among them.

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