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NSB COPS: Mon.-Tue. Police Patrols Nov. 12-13

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Volusia Tax Reform pushed rejection of extra school tax and voters agreed, unless changed with recount today

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Editor's Note: Ed Connor of the Volusia Tax Reform and an ocasional comminty blogger for Headline Surfer was asked to give the 24/7 Internet newspaper his perspective on rejction of the school referendum, which was narrowly defeated Election Day, but today is the subject of a recount by the supervisor of elections:

DAYTONA BEACH -- Despite a relentless barrage of meetings and pleadings with neighborhood groups, notes sent home in lunch boxes threatening loss of vital programs and the endorsement under duress of the Chamber of Commerce and several business leaders in Daytona, the referendum for a new one mill school property tax failed to receive voter approval by half of 1 percent triggering a recount which began today in Deland under the supervision of Ann McFall.

This tax was opposed most actively by Volusia Tax Reform on the basis it would harm the business community disproportionately. The tax would have raised $104 Million over four years. Of that amount about 52% would come from business and a few high end homes.

Volusia County Jail Docket for Nov. 12, 2012

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Volusia County Lawsuits for Nov. 12, 2012

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End of Day Report New Suits Filed 11/12/12 for Circuit Civil

(Excluding Nonpublic and Sealed Cases)

Case Number Div Primary Litigant #1 Primary Litigant #2 Category

Total Cases Filed: 0

NSB COPS: Sun.-Mon. Police Patrols Nov. 11-12

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The Sunday Conversation: County Chair-elect Jason Davis reflects on win as new face of government

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Videos produced by Headline Surfer Multimedia Editor Serafina King Frederick / County Chair-elect Jason Davis is the guest for Headline Surfer's online newsmaker show: 'The Sunday Conversation.'

DAYTONA BEACH -- Jason Davis was supposed to be the forgotten candidate. But he finished ahead of high-power attorney Ted Doran in the August primary and then crushed Carl Persis in Tuesday's general election. He tells his story of success in an exclusive video interview.

Approved: Suze Orman speaks with teen interviewer

ORLANDO -- I'm with mega money expert, Suze Orman before speaking at the Success 2012 in Orlando. She's a super dynamic person who was awesome to talk with and gave a great speech to the crowd of people!

Gratitude to loved ones on Veteran's Day

EDGEWATER This is the time that I always called my Uncle Norm, my father’s brother, to thank him for his service as a medic in the Marines on Iwo Jima for the battle there and wher the famous flag raising took place.

He died last year so I can only hope he still hears me talk to him when I say it again this year. Others in my family were also service members such as my mother’s brother, Ed, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and my maternal grandfather who was a member of the horse Calvary in World War I.

Prayers for service and well being of our veterans

On this Veterans Day we pay tribute to all military servicemen and women who have served to protect the freedom we enjoy -- freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of opportunity and justice for all. Some have made the supreme sacrifice in defense of our freedoms.

Sunshine State ranked 3rd for veteran-owned businesses

176,000 such-owned entities employ more than 310,000 Floridians

TALLAHASSEE— On this Veterans Day, Floridians show their appreciation for the heroic service of the country’s 1.6 million veterans. A March report by the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy states that Florida ranks third nationally for the greatest number of veteran-owned businesses. The 2011 Veterans unemployment rate declined -1.5 percent from 2010.

FloridaDepartment of Economic Opportunity“As we celebrate Veterans Day, I am extremely proud of the significant progress our workforce system has made in finding employment for our service members, who have the leadership skills and experience that employers are looking for,” Gov. Rick Scott said.

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