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2-year-old Orlando boy drowns in Daytona Beach Shores hotel pool; becomes 7th small child in Volusia County to die in pools


DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- The drowning of a 2-year-old boy in a hotel pool on this Fourth of July holiday is tragic enough if it weren't for the sad fact that he has become the seventh small child to drown so far this year in Volusia County.

Police responded to a 12:15 p.m. 9-1-1 call of a child drowning in the outdoor pool at the Oceanside Inn, 1909 S. Atlantic Ave. The toddler, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead on arrival at Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

"The child went unnoticed under water for nine minutes," Sgt. Mike Fowler said, the time calculated by police in reviewing video surveillance of the pool deck area. Fowler said several family members were with the boy, but added he was unable to provide any further details as to who was actually watching the child, if anyone.

"All I can tell you at this point is surveillance video showed he was under water for nine minutes," said Fowler, the department's spokesman, who was not on duty and received information second hand for media inquiries.

Fowler, whose youngest childest is 4, said of this seventh drowning, "It's certainly a tragic story. A sad ending to the holiday weekend."

Daytona Beach Shores Mayor Harry reached out to Daytona Beach Shores Mayor Harry Jennings for his reaction to the holiday tragedy and the mounting death toll of little ones.

April Fools Day

2013-04-01 03:00

Ida Duncan Wright finishes on top in special primary race for open dist. 2 seat on school board

Kathy Williams finishes 2nd in a crowded field to force Jan. 15 runoff

Ida Wright wins primary for Volusia School Board seat 2Kathy WilliamsIda Wright, shown  at far left, is in the driver's seat in her quest to fill the open dist. 2 seat on the Volusia County School Board, but she has one more test to pass in order to make the grade: a Jan. 15 runoff with second place finisher Kathy Williams, shown in the inset. Her husband, Al Williams, was chairman of the school board before his passing in October.

DAYTONA BEACH -- With a mere 6 percent of the 66,166 registered voters taking part in the electoral process, Tuesday's primary turnout for the dist. 2 school board seat could go down as among the lowest in modern times with only 3,390 bothering to vote.

Still, every vote cast matters and that's what put Daytona Beach resident and Bethune-Cookmn University educator Ida Duncan Wright on top with 1,538 of those votes or 38.84 percent. Kathy Williams finished second with 1,023 votes or 25.83 percent to force a runoff election because Wright didn't quite reach the 50 percent-plus 1 threshold to win it outright.

Daytona Beach Shores cops: Student suffers broken leg after being hit by motorist who fails to stop for flashing school bus

Daytona Beach Shores child struck getting off bus / Headline SurferDAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- An Atlantic High School student suffered a broken leg when he was struck by a motorist in an SUV in the 3000 block of South Atlantic Avenue this afternoon, Daytona Beach Shores cops said.

Shift in direction: Romney selects Ryan as VP

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- Today Mitt Romney nominated Paul Ryan, seven-term Congressman from Wisconsin and Chairman of the House Banking and Finance Committee as his vice-presidential running mate. The decision has its pluses and its minuses.

GOP looks to its right in recent primaries

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- The results of Tuesday’s primaries can be simply described: Santorum won – Gingrich lost – Romney forges ahead.

Romney still in front after Super Tuesday

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- There were 10 state Republican primaries and caucuses held on Super Tuesday. The media insists that the only one that really matters is Ohio.

Female sunbather from Kansas struck by Beach Patrol vehicle on the beach in Daytona Beach Shores; hospitalized


DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- A 33-year-old female beach visitor from Witchita, Kansas, was hospitalized in stable condition this afternoon after being struck earlier in the day Sunday by a vehicle while sunbathing on the beach in the 3300 block of Daytona Beach Shores. The driver of the vehicle was Tommy Moderie, 21, a part-time Volusia County lifeguard.

Moderie was driving in the northbound driving lane of the beach when he was alerted by a beachgoer of broken glass at the water’s edge.

"In response, Moderie made a right turn and struck the female who was laying on her stomach on the beach east of the driving lane," Volusia County spokesman Dave Byron said in an e-mail and other media outlets.

Erin Joynt, she was struck with the right front wheel of the county-issued truck, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. The victim was transported to Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach by EVAC ambulance following the accident which occurred at 10:04 a.m. Her husband was with her at the time of the accident.

Moderie, a seasonal employee, has "worked for the county off and on for about five years and has a spotless record," Byron added in his media e-mail.

Orlando hotelier group to close on the Surfside Hotel and Conference complex in Daytona Beach Shores later this month

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES -- An Orlando hotelier group is planning to close late this month on the 200-room Surfside Hotel and Conference, 3209 S. Atlantic Ave., city officials confirmed.

Avista Properties, owner and manager of Orlando area hotels for three decades, last month paid $2.8 million for the Islander Resort at 3161 S. Atlantic Ave., in bankruptcy court. It was owned by the Bray & Gillespie group whjich declared bbankruptcy in 2008 on two dozen beachside hotels.

Avista also owns the Hampton Inn in the Shores.

Money is the mother's milk of political corruption

It is truly said that money is the mother’s milk of politics. But our political system has long since ceased to be nourished by this special milk.

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