Hukill to Congress: Balance the federal budget

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State Rep. Dorothy Hukill.Dorothy Hukill hits a popular refrain in demanding Washington  curb its spending habits.
TALLAHASSEE - State Rep. Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange) saw adoption in the Florida House of a measure urging Congress to reign in out-of-control spending and runaway deficits by balancing the federal budget. House Memorial (HM) 1583 was adopted by the House with 79 co-sponsors. The measure's sponsor, Rep. Hukill, issued the flowing statement:
"At a time when we see our children's and grandchildren's future washing away in a sea of red ink, it is time to tell Washington to stop spending our money irresponsibly.

"With a current national debt of $13 trillion and growing, we are not just mortgaging our future but also putting America at risk. Have no doubt, the federal budget deficit is having a detrimental impact on the nation's financial health and will negatively impact investment productivity and growth at a time when we are working hard to get the economy back on track. This Memorial gives Floridians a voice to tell Congress that it must live within its means."
The federal budget deficit has had a detrimental impact on the nation's financial health and has impeded investment productivity and growth, Hukill said.
Credit agencies have begun to warn that America may lose its AAA credit rating because of the size of the deficit, she said. The U.S. government will spend about 7% of its federal revenues just to make interest payments on its debt in 2010; and almost 11% in 2013.
Forty-nine of the 50 states are constitutionally and statutorily required to balance their budgets and hold themselves to the same fiscal standards to which their citizens must adhere. Similarly, the federal government must learn to plan and spend within its means, Hukill said.

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