State Representative (Dist. 28) Republican: strongly endorses incumbent Dorothy Hukill endorsement photos by Henry Frederick.

State Rep. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, far left, as shown in this photo at a SE Volusia Chamber of Commerce function at the Brannon Center in New Smyrna Beach, is being challenged by Teresa Valdes of South Daytona, a former nun. Special Report

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Our Endorsement for State Rep. District 28, Republican: Dorothy Hukill

Three-term incumbent Dorothy Hukill had aspirations of a showdown with Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas when she announced last year she would forgo a chance at a fourth and final two-year term in the statehouse before term limits kick in. With a glutted Republican field looking to take a crack at Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach, Hukill changed her mind. But a Republican newcomer had already announced, a virtual unknown in Tersa Valdes, a former Benedictine nun and Cuban immigrant who makes her home in Daytona Beach Shores.

And so that set the stage for a GOP battle that never really caught fire for Valdes, whose campaign's rallying cry was "walking" and talking to the voters in the district that includes all of Southeast Volusia, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet and Daytona Beach Shores.

Give the 74-year-old Realtor credit for trying her best to resonate with the voters by touting herself as a proud gun owner.

In reality, though, that walk has taken Valdes no where, except maybe in circles. Hukill's name recognition alone is a major hurdle. She has street cred as former mayor of Port Orange of four years before her hold on the seat in Tallahassee.

Hukill's manta is clear: Strong conservative Republican values; cutting taxes by reducing government.

Valdes' boils down to being the "niun with the gun." Ironically, and even comically, it's Hukill, the 64-year-old staunch conservative and attorney, who has the endorsement of the National Rifle Association.

This is not a congressional race, but one where we expect our leaders to fight for us by penning legislation that provides essential services while keeping capitol spending down especially in this entrenched recession. Hukill has been a model representative, especially in a demanding job that pays a paltry $29,697.

Hukill doesn't mind the competition from Valdes, but she is not pleased with Valdes' initial campaign website where Valdes placed two news stories -- the first legitimate and the second, fake:

The first was straightforward: State Rep. Dorothy Hukill opts not to run for congressional seat held by Suzanne Kosmas; will focus instead on getting re-elected, was copied from without our expressed permission for use of this copyrighted story. has informed Valdes that we intend to seek legal redress.

The second story, Valdes Charges Hukill “Deal-Making” in State House Race was much shorter and written by a Dick Conklin. It reads:

In a surprise move, Republican State Rep. Dorothy Hukill announced that she is dropping her congressional bid against Democrat Susan Kosmas (congressional District 24) and instead will run in 2010 for her existing Florida House District 28 seat. Teresa A. Valdes had previously filed to replace Hukill. According to Valdes, “I filed my candidacy for Florida House District 28 on July 3, 2009. Since then, I have been campaigning to represent and serve the interests of voters in my District.” In response to allegations that Hukill changed her mind after some behind-the-scenes “deal making,” she said she felt that voters were tired of that kind of politics, and were looking forward to putting the electorate back in charge. “Some believe Hukill is withdrawing because she knows she can't win but doesn't want to entirely withdraw from the political scene.” “I believe that the 2010 elections will begin to re-chart a new relationship between elected officials and their electorate. I welcome Dorothy Hukill to join me in campaigning for this state house seat. Her reasons for dropping the bid against Kosmas are thin, and do have the sound of ‘deal making.’ I believe that too many politicians are known for this kind of behavior, and voters will not stand for it any more. “It comes down to a simple choice. Will the winner hold allegiance to the unseen ‘deal makers’ or to the people who put her in office? I say, let the voters decide in the primary election. I stand by my first and foremost commitment – I won’t let you down!”

The problem is this was not written by a media outlet, but by one of Valdes' campaign supporters.

Here is the link so you can check it out for yourself:

In reality, it is Valdes, who has let everyone down, including Hukill, and more importantly, the public.  Hukill was made aware that Valdes illegally lifted our story. To no avail, this nun with the gun has fired nothing but blanks. highly recommends Dorothy Hukill for a return to the District 28 Statehouse seat in Tuesday's primary. The winner of the primary faces an obscure write-in candidate in the November elections, but no Democrat.

Dorothy Hukill has our full endorsement.

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