Send a message to Washington: Vote Republican in November elections

Republicans are calling for the voters to “send a Message to Washington” via the November elections. But what message should be sent?

Before offering a suggestion, let me be clear about myself: I am a Republican and Constitutional conservative who served in the American diplomatic corps for 33 years and who is deeply concerned at the direction the country and its economy have taken in recent years. I loathe the policies of the Obama Administration, laud the rise of the Tea Parties and the 9/12er’s and believe that a massive Republican victory in November is the only practical means for the rebirth of our nation and its return to the principles which made possible our greatness.

The Democrats have proven themselves deaf to these principles and are in many ways abandoning our Constitution. It is only through a GOP majority that conservative principles can effectively influence the agendas of each house of Congress, through the election of Republican leadership and committee chairs and the appointment of the staffers whose roles on the committees are so important.

If the Republicans win control of the House of Representatives but not the Senate the GOP task will be to block further Obama outrages while doing their best to modify the errors of this Administration and propose new and more productive courses for our country. But they cannot be expected to make changes with control of only one house. In the less likely event that they win both houses, the Republicans will be in a constant struggle to wrest the direction of governance from the Obama White House but even then they will have to overcome the power of the presidential veto.

The next two years may be little more than a holding action until we the people can finally regain control of our government in 2012. But there is a risk that Republicans will again be seduced by the blandishments of the Potomac as they have in the past. It is for us, the voters who send them to Washington, to make certain that this does not happen.

With all this in mind, what should be our message – not just to Washington but to the entire political class and structure?

ONE: Vote Republicans into office at all levels – federal, state, county and local. Keep reminding them why they were elected and what we DEMAND that they do as the people’s representatives.

TWO: Promise and then deliver local support in the form of donations of money and time; promise and deliver reinforcements in 2012 including a Republican in the White House; but never let them forget – even for a moment – that we are watching and keeping a tally. The continued support of the people who put them in office depends upon performance which earns and maintains that support.

This is "not" a call merely to support the Republican Party. It is a plea for all of us – Independents, Republicans and patriotic Democrats – to stand up as Americans and, on Nov. 2, to take the first step toward ridding our government of a cabal of radicals who are trying to fundamentally transform our country out of all recognition.

If you want a poor, weak and shrunken country in which the people are dependent on government handouts and groan under massive debt and the equally massive taxes required to repay it – if you want a country where the private sector is controlled by an inefficient and corrupt government while the faith of our fathers is subordinated to political expediency – then vote Democrat.

That is the direction in which this Administration is taking us. But if you vote Republican in November and again in 2012, then we have a chance that, with constant vigilance, hard work and more than a little sacrifice, this nation under God can again, in the words of that First Great Republican, “ …. have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth”.

These are the stakes. Nothing less.

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