The shame: Scott voted in governor to run state like a corporation, even if cuts hurt wrong people

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The residents of the state of Florida apparently liked it when Rick Scott said he’d run this state like a corporation since they voted him in as governor in November. Now that he is doing just that everyone is up in arms as he cuts social services, blocks the building of Sunrail and so much more.

Having worked for corporations most of my life I know they have no hearts. They lay off people at will because it raises their profits.

They could care less if the person aid off has four children, one of which has autism and a sick wife. When the poor guy loses his job, he loses his health insurance and the services he has to pay to help his son learn how to succeed in his life.

Does the corporation care? Not at all.

They also could care less that the people left behind have now got to add his duties to their already overworked selves, but get the jobs done with no overtime because that eats into the profits.

Is this reasonable? No, but the corporation doesn’t care.

If they flounder under the load they will be fired. In other words, the main drive of Governor Scott is to run the state of Florida Corporation with less outgo, staff and services provided to the people and more money into its coffers.

Well, Florida , are you happy now with your decision? Did you think about how corporations are run before voting?

If you did and voted for such a thing anyway, shame on you. A state is not a corporation and shouldn’t be run as such. Nor should a country, but that’s what you’d get if The Donald gets elected.

I shudder to think about that.

The governor is just doing what he told you he’d do so why are you surprised and upset. You asked for it, you got it!

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