Americans resilient through spate of killer tornadoes and other disasters

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If you don’t think American people are resilient just turn on your television and watch the survivors of the recent tornadoes in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and other Midwest states wander through their devastated neighborhoods trying to identify which rubble pile used to be their home so they can try to find some of their belongings.


They are telling the reporters already that they will rebuild especially in Joplin, Mo., the hardest hit of the many areas experiencing baseball sized hail, driving rain, high winds and miles wide tornadoes that are staying on the ground cutting swaths of more than 60 miles.

Watching CNN's Anderson Cooper from Joplin at 1:40 a.m., May 25, as the tornado sirens began to wail the warning that a storm coming at them from the west is going to make another tornado in Joplin just was incomprehensible. If another tornado does hit them again it would pick up that rubble and fling it for miles. The initial tornado carried medical records and x-rays from Joplin hospital more than 60 miles away.


At a shelter in Joplin where over 400 people had bedded down for the night police had begun to wake everyone and hustle them to the cellar many on crutches and walkers and carrying their oxygen tanks having been wounded during the first tornado.

There was controlled chaos, according to a reporter in the shelter with them as he reported from that basement amid the weeping terrified people who are sure they are going to have to live through the worst again. Many have lost loved ones or have missing loved ones.

Seeing these people continue to think positively about their missing loved ones after days of searching is inspiring. Your heart goes out to them. A part of you is happy you are not one of those survivors then you feel guilty for the thought. About all we can do from here is pray for them all and hope that God and Mother Nature decide to cut them some slack.

This weather disaster got me to thinking how the United States drops everything and runs to help other countries when they have these natural disasters. Have you seen any one of those other countries so much as offer to come here and search or send supplies?

Why is it they don’t seem to feel we might need the moral support if nothing else? Maybe we don’t need the aid, but it sure would be nice to know they cared enough to at least offer, don’t you think?, also known as, provides Volusia County 24 / 7 Internet newspaper coverage, 100% free with breaking news, news of record and investigative reports from New Smyrna Beach, FL, for a 21st-century digital world.

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