Heartsick over drowning of 1-year-old Deltona boy and the five other little ones before him this year in Volusia County

I am heartsick and outraged that another innocent child has drowned in a family swimming pool! Where were the parents?

No child should be in a pool unless an adult is watching them like a hawk or is in the pool with them. These babies are not capable of making decisions or of remaining calm enough to save themselves, even if they have had swimming lessons.

Keeping children safe is every parent’s job.

You chose to bring a child into this world; you are responsible for that life until the child is grown up and capable of taking care of themselves. Anyone with children and a swimming pool should have that pool secured at all times. Not just to protect their own children, but any other child who may wander in and try to fish a shiny toy out of the water causing them to fall in and drown.

Children are busy little creatures and can be at the bottom of a pool, out in the street in front of a car, running to the ocean in front of moving cars or behind your car as you back out of the driveway in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps we need to enforce consequences on the persons in charge of watching the child like we do when kids find a parent’s gun and shoot someone. Something has to be done to make every parent more vigilant to the safety of their's and all children.

Editor's Note: According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, the Deltona parents and a grandparent of 1-year-old Chase Wilson were in the residence when he apparently got to the pool by crawling through a doggy door Tuesday and drowning in the family pool.

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