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ORMOND BEACH -- The old media has jumped all over Herman Cain’s alleged misbehavior 15 years ago when he was president of the National Restaurant Association. Funny they waited almost a year until they “discovered” that John Edwards had an affair while his wife had cancer, fathered a child and blithely used campaign funds in a questionable manner.

And, no matter which liberal is writing about Cain, for the Dems it’s all about race. They are literally frothing at the mouth that Republicans have gotten behind a non-white candidate for President. After all, in their tiny, narrow minds, Republicans and especially Tea Partiers/conservatives are the very definition of racists. I firmly believe that’s because Dems have no political purpose other than keepin’ them on the plantation and furthering their own careers.

Cruising through RollCall.com this morning, I came across an article by Stuart Rothenberger who is so bewildered by white support of Herman Cain, he tries to justify the Dems choosing Obama in 2008.

(I know you’ve seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you voted for Obama to prove you weren’t a racist, you’ll have to vote for a Republican to prove you aren’t an idiot.”)

I was never a supporter of Romney or Perry. Too liberal for me. Romney-care = Obamacare light.

From the Roll Call article: “Still, Cain stands out in the current Republican field for his charisma, plain-speaking, business experience and, yes, his color. It’s part of who he is and of his appeal to conservatives. But if Cain were white, he might very well be where he is today given the performance of the rest of the GOP field and the desire of conservatives for an alternative to Romney.”

I think the author is too glib. I liked Cain before the Florida Presidency 5 convention and was delighted to see his appeal grow so much in three days that he got more straw poll votes than Romney and Perry combined. His conservative, plain spoken values clearly trumped a perpetual candidate and someone a little wishy-washy on the issues.

After having racism shoved down my throat my entire life as an excuse for every imaginable choice, decision, consequence, whatever, by the Dems I must admit the fact that Mr. Cain is 100% black (unlike Obama) just makes me laugh out loud. It’s like the frosting on the cake.

It is the cake, however, that I am enjoying most. Cain is a man with ideas. He’s filled with references to God our Creator, responsibility, accountability, common sense solutions, business experience, a grasp that the Constitution of the United States means everything, and a desire to let Americans live without constant government intervention into every part of our lives.

His tax plan may not be perfect but at least he was creative and got the conversation started. Obama has never even presented a budget.
In an interview with The Daily Caller, former National Restaurant Association board chairman Joseph Fassler offered a firm defense of GOP presidential front-runner Herman Cain, along with an explanation for how Washington’s best-kept secret — the identities of Cain’s sexual-harassment accusers — was also kept from the association’s board.

“The accusations? It’s a hatchet job, in my opinion,” Fassler told TheDC from his Phoenix, Ariz. office. “My gut tells me it’s a hatchet job. He gets a lead, he gets some traction, and the next thing you know, here come these allegations. It’s sad.”

And let me be real honest: after the Clinton fiasco, the blue dress and the sexual shenanigans in the White House while he was president, Mr. Cain’s “alleged” peccadillos 15 years ago do not bother me.

Black or white, I want a president who spends more time at the White House than chasing the white ball, who actively engages in the problems of the day, and works toward solutions rather than spend, spend, spend. And for America’s sake, let’s get drilling in our own country. Cain’s the man!

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