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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Some guy named Robert Burns bumped into me today Saturday afternoon on the North Causeway before the New Smyrna Beach Christmas Parade and introduced himself. He told me was hosting a new web site. He added that NSBNews.net only posts the bad news. Seriously? I took offense at that.

I told him who I was and how Henry Frederick gave me an opportunity to share my love for animals and the need for public awareness on caring for them. I took offense at what he was saying to me, a stranger, and that it was not the truth. Then he just walked off.

Here is the truth: Henry Frederick approached me about writing a blog after discussions I had with him about dog and cat issues that greatly affect the New Smyrna Beach area. He wanted to allow me an outlet to inform local residents about the issues in hopes that people who weren't informed might be motivated to help out once they knew what went on behind shopping malls and in neighborhoods that is inhumane to these helpless animals.

I said "yes" and it worked. Because of my blog, "Fur Real" on NSBNews.net and Henry Frederick's belief in me, more people then ever are getting thier pets spayed and neutered. They're learning about the reasonable rates. Residents now know who or where to call to get help with Trap Neuter Release of feral cats in their neighborhoods to end the suffering of many unwanted litters of cats and dogs. This is information. Valuable information.

If Robert Burns wants to call this and everything else on NSBNews.net bad news, then, you know what, I'll take it. In fact, I'll take all the bad news I can get. A lot of people read and enjoy Henry's Internet newspaper because it has real news, local news; the good and the bad.

Robert Burns, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to cut down Henry Frederick and NSBNews.net. When you realized how stupid you looked, you quickly walked away. Robert Burns, you owe NSBNews.net an apology.

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Fur Real By Shira Beth Wild
Shira Beth Wild is married and lives in New Smyrna Beach. She is an avid feral feline and Trap Neuter Return advocate and volunteers her time caring, feeding, and TNR-ing cats in Volusia County.

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