Construction begins on New Smyrna Beach's Hampton Inn after 74-day delay


Hampton Inn site

Exclusive videos and photos by Sera Frederick / Compass Construction begins work Monday on the Hampton Inn site on Flagler Avenue. interviewed the site manager who estimated the outer shell would be erected in eight weeks.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- God created the Heavens and the Earth, beast and fowl and mankind, all in six days. On the seventh day, He rested. New Smyrna Beach officials and the developer with golden shovels broke ground on the Hampton Inn. They rested for 73 days before construction began anew today. Is it divine intervention? Merchants were praying for a miracle. Opponents didn't put much faith in the project to begin with. And city officials? Well, they're still not talking and have been unable to say why it took so long. Mayor Adam Barringer did not return a call for comment nor did he respond to an e-mail inquiry from

On the contractor's Facebook page, Amy Patterson of New Smyrna Beach posted a comment at 10:17 a.m. Friday asking: What's the status of the Hampton Inn hotel project in New Smyrna Beach? They even had a ground breaking ceremony. Why have they stopped building the hotel at Flagler Avenue? I really would appreciate a prompt response from you guys, since the city officials don't have an answer for the residents of New Smyrna Beach. Thank you."

Compass responded at 10:58 a.m.: "Funny you should ask Amy, as I am told that you should be seeing dirt moved around Monday!!!"

Two minutes later at 11 a.m., Compass posted an updated comment on the Facebook page: "The Hampton Inn will be gearing up again in the next few days. Be on the lookout for photos! We are appreciative of ALL who have been patiently waiting for this project to get going again!" inquired of Compass at 2:51 p.m. that same day with the following question: "What was the reason for the lengthy delay?"'s question went unanswered and remains that way.

The following day, asked New Smyrna Beach City Commissioner Jack Grasty about the Facebook news and he declined comment, except to say "I'll believe it when I see it."

Like other city officials, Grasty said he had no idea why it took so long for construction crews to return to the site. Though Sept. 29 was announced as the groundbreaking, the land had already been stripped and trees either pruned back or cut down altogether, according to the approved site plan with the city. photo by Sera Frederick / All was golden at Monday's groundbreaking for the Hampton Inn. Among the dignitaries in this photo were (from left to right) Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority Director Nicole Carni, developer David Swentor, Mayor Adam Barringer, City Commissioners Judy Reiker, Jim Hathaway and Jack Grasty, and CRA Chairman Jim Kosmas.

That afternoon, city officials held a ceremonial groundbreaking with golden shovels, along with developer David Swentor. The shovel holders included the mayor and city commissioners Grasty, Lynne Plaskett, Judy Reiker, and even City Commissioner Jim Hathaway, an announced 2012 candidate for the Volusia County Council dist. 3 seat, who has been opposed to the hotel from the onset.

CRA Chairman Jim Kosmas also was a golden shovel holder as was CRA Director Tony Otte.

The Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce also took its turn with golden shovels for photo ops, including Robert Lott, an owner of the now-defunct weekly Observer newspaper, who was forced to leave Flagler Avenue in April because he and his publisher-wife, Michele Lott, got behind on the rent and moved the newspaper operation to their Edgewater home, which is now in foreclosure.

Despite the public relations spin that day, the hype was replaced by silence in a matter of a couple of weeks. And during the course of the two-plus months that followed, city officials had no answers for residents who inquired at public meetings.

Two weeks after the groundbreaking with the heavy equipment gone at that day's end, spoke with David Swentor by phone from his South Carolina office and he said the work would resume in three weeks. He said the delay was due to hsvong to make off site materials for the hotel. But Since then, has been unable to reach Swentor, despite ongoing phone and e-mail messages. this afternoon interviewed Charlie Faust, the onsite manager for Compass on video through the chain link fence after pulling down some of the black tarp. When asked a reason for the long delay, he responded: "Ah, a bunch of bureaucratic stuff."

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