Tim Tebow prays and wins

For some reason when we are sick we say a few prayers asking the Lord to make us feel well. When we are well again, we thank the lord and ask Him to keep us well.

Ever see a Little League baseball game? the batter walking to the plate makes the sign of the cross, asking God for him to get a hit or maybe hit a home run.  In the Major Leagues, you often see the player who just hit a home run running the bases looking to the heavens, with his arm and index finger upwards thanking the lord.

When in a plane just before take off and landing, you will see people making the sign of the cross praying for a safe flight, and many time with the safe landing they the Lord for the safe landing.

And then there's the NFL. Does God belong in the huddle? Ever since Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow made the pros and was named the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, some in the media have been critical of him. The first game was a disaster. He was sacked, his passing was not hitting his receivers. Because of his Christian faith, the media really let him have it: He did not belong in the pros, he needs more experience, etc. They really talked him down and threw him for a loss.

Tebow has proven his critics wrong, game after game after game. He prays, on one knee, head bowed at every game. Amen.

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