Drinking your tax dollars away in NSB while jobs lost


NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- As NSBNews.net has pointed out, our wonderful city has outdone itself yet again, spending $13,250 for a New Year's Eve party on Flagler Avenue while many of our citizens sit at home worried about the rent money, and all too many others in the parks, in the dark, with little or no food to eat or a bed to sleep in.

When are these taxpayer-supported events that do nothing more than support the bars going to stop? Isn't that the responsibility of the business owners on Flagler Avenue? The CRA money is supposed to enhance blighted areas -- not support a drinkfest that benefits the few businesses that don't want to invest more of their own money.

While on the subject of drunkenness, why were the party revelers allowed to walk up and down Flagler while openly  drinking? If citizens in other parts of the city did that, they would be ticketed or worse. And why are the citizens having to foot the bill for two NSB police officers having to sit on Flagler babysitting the party-goers and drunks, while the rest of the city is patrolled by two or three others at most?

Why shouldn't the bars/businesses be mandated to provide their own private security out of their own pockets? This is the "charm" that our elected and appointed officials talk about? What a joke!

As for the other sham called the Loop, the only loop in New Smyrna Beach today is the one that goes from the taxpayers' wallets into the pockets of the cronies, who in turn take care of our elected officials. These same elected officials stay in power by doing their bidding while ignoring the real-world problems like the dozens of jobs that will be lost with Kmart closing.

Wake up New Smyrna Beach!

Until the next time,
Bob Tolley

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