Twilight star Boo Boo Stewart talks about future movie plans

Boo Stewart with Pavlina Osta PORT ORANGE -- I talked with multi-talented star, Boo Boo Stewart in Orlando recently, and if you are familiar with the Twilight saga, you'll know him from his most popular role; he plays the character, Seth Clearwater.

Q: Growing up what do you think prepared you for your career?

A: Well I don't know I just started acting and doing stunts and it just started coming together.

Q: Kids have all kinds of obstacles to overcome-what was you obstacle and how did you overcome or deal with it?

A: My obstacle was balancing my work and school and overcoming it. I just sorta did it and had to do it and I just really wanted to get my school stuff done... well, of course you have to finish school ha ha ha and also with your work I just loved doing it and I got it all done

Q: The special effects are pretty awesome in Twilight. What was probably the most demanding for you and why?

A: Well, for me it was actually pretty easy because the team that does all the effects were so incredible! I didn't really have to do anything ha ha so for me it was really easy but for them I bet it was really hard!

Q: You adopted a dog named Pookie and your a spokesperson for PETA so how did that come about and what does it mean to you?

A: Just trying to help animals and my sister adopted an animal also and my mom adopted a cat so we are all trying to adopt animals instead of buying animals and when you adopt an animal you are saving a life and really its a great thing

Q: Did you know much about Twilight when you got the role?

A: I didn't...I knew about it obviously because its so famous, but I had not actually read the books and wasn't really a big fan so when I started reading the books I really got it and stared to really like it ha ha.

Q: Upcoming plans and events?

A: Well I'm going on tour with my sisters [music group, the TSC] in Orlando and I might be starting a horror movie in March and I just finished a movie called "White Frog" where I played a kid with autism.

Pavlina's thoughts on her interview: Boo Boo Stewart has a very humble and mellow personality when you talk to him, even though I was running late for our interview and the limo was waiting to take him to the airport. Besides being an actor, he's a singer, dancer, model and martial artist. So when you see Boo Boo Stewart on the screen, be prepared to be impressed!

Pavlina's mom, Leah Osta sent this note along to with the interview: A little background: This looked like it was to be a phone interview because they were flying out that afternoon. We got word from their management that she had until 4 pm at the hotel and they'd have to leave. Pavlina went straight from school, checked her equipment in the car, did research/questions on the way. Downtown Orlando traffic and we're running late.. texting we may have to do the interview at the airport. (she was already summarizing the airport & too complicated but...) traffic lights killed the time so Pavlina made the decision to sprint two blocks to the Bohemian Hotel.

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