Newt Gingrich a great conservative in wrong race

Most conservatives credit Newt Gingrich with achieving or helping achieve many worthwhile things which greatly helped the country, but in terms of becoming president, many Republicans see Mitt Romney as having a better chance at beating President Obama in November.

First and foremost, Gingrich was the main architect of Contract With America. This was a series of legislative targets that helped increase the Republican power in both houses by focusing the voters on national issues rather than local issues. And as speaker of the house, he presided over the Reagan tax cuts as well as Bill Clinton's cut in the capital gains tax rate. Both these cuts did wonders for the economy.

Not much was said about the capital gains tax cuts under President Clinton because the Republicans didn’t want to give him credit and the Democrats didn’t want to admit that it was successful in helping the economy.

Newt presided over the welfare reform act that Clinton signed into law. This legislation resulted in drastic reductions in the welfare rolls and was a great boon to the country. He was active in pushing through two trade pacts. Increasing foreign trade is always beneficial to the country.

His present platform of tax and regulation reform is probably the strongest of the candidates.

Gingrich proposes to keep the Bush tax cuts plus adding more cuts for both individuals and businesses. He promises to repeal “Obamacare,” the Sarbanes Oxley law and a lot of other regulations that are strangling the country.

Newt’s private life has upset conservatives -- hving divorced his dying wife to marry a trophy wife. The ethics charges brought against him appear to be trumped up and without substance.

Probably the most powerful argument against Newt Gingrich at the present time is that many Republicans think Romney, more of a centrist, has a much better chance of beating Obama. And that, ultimately, is what really matters. 

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