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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- He is unsightly.  He is not necessarily the most attractive man you will ever meet and does not look healthy. He has horrible communications skills. He is considered brash and pushy when interviewing for news exposés. I'm talking about none other than Henry Frederick, the tough talking one-man show who has kept his brand of award-winning journalism as strong as ever, moving nearly four years ago from print to the Internet without skipping a beat.

Henry knows going into the day that any newsman with an opinion is putting himself out there to have pot shots taken. He also knows that anyone like himself who has journalism credentials is not necessarily going to be the most well liked or welcomed individual in the area. He seems to be uncomfortable and awkward in social situations and like others before him, has been kicked around in the journalistic community. And despite having sand kicked in his feet, Henry has done in this community what I thought a few years ago to be an impossibility. He has started an Internet newspaper with readership of several thousand people a day.

Let me say right from the beginning; Henry and I have had differences -- strong words, issues and in reality, times and when we just did not like each other. However, for all of our differences, one thing I can never say about Henry Frederick is that he is not an excellent journalist. In all our differences, I am most respectful of his work.

Do I agree with everything he says or does? No.

Am I appreciative of his ability to say it? Yes. Henry is like a junkyard dog. He gets his teeth into a story and he never lets it go until there is a result or resolution to the content. Sometimes the sensitivities of stories written by Henry really ticks people off. Could it be that maybe something in the story has a truth that folks may think should be left better unsaid? Of course, and so Henry has his share of enemies, but he'll never back down.

I personally don't know how he does it. I do not know why he does it? He surely is not getting rich, then again he does have more and more advertising.  If you look at all the stories that are written by him daily. Look at the advertisements that are displayed on the web page that he has sold,  Look at the hundreds and hundreds of videos videos that are shot by he and his wife, Sera, in this greater New Smyrna Bech community. Look at all of the bloggers he has, including your's truly. Just look at the maintenance involved with his home page.

You have to ask yourself: Why? I do know that the emails I get from him come at 4 in the morning that he's not getting enough sleep. I have said it to him and I'll say it to you out there: To work like that is not healthy and will make you a nut case. But I am grateful for one thing: Henry Frederick's Internet product compared to what we have as print media in this community is a blessing. Henry is the only one among the 400 or so who lost their jobs with the print newspaper to stick it out here and continue doing what he truly loves, even if it kills him.

I am copying just a smattering from Henry's bio. If you haven't read it, you should because he stands alone in the field of investigative journalism: Henry Frederick is editor, publisher and CEO of, (aka a 24/7 exclusively-online newspaper in New Smyrna Beach,  launched April 7, 2008. He is an award-winning breaking news and investigative journalist who has covered police and courts in Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut dating back to 1986. He has covered many of the high profile cases in the Daytona Beach and DeLand courtrooms in Volusia County, including the numerous appellate hearings for serial killer Aileen Wournos, and ultimately, her execution. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in New Britain in 1984, with a B.A. in political science/public admin. and a minor in writing. He was the recipient of the "President's Citation" for his academic honors and service to the university.

What I find exciting about this community is such an overwhelming amount of talent in every profession you can imagine. Far too often in our careers we are not thanked for our exceptional effort. I'm speaking about you in your career, me in my career and Henry in his career.

Whatever problem you may have with Henry Frederick, you have to acknowledge the fact that he truly is an exceptional journalist. I will make sure that that remark is part of his epitaph.

Keep up the good work Mr. Frederick.

NSB News is a 24/7 Internet newspaper in New Smyrna Beach accessed through and, launched April 7, 2008, by award-winning breaking news and investigative reporter Henry Frederick and award-winning blogger Peter Mallory. It is the first fully-online newspaper in Florida and among the few in the nation with continuous editorial content picked up by Google News Directories.

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