If we could read the first lady's mind, this is what she would be thinking

EDGEWATER -- If we could read First Lady Michelle Obama's mind, this would probably be what she is thinking: "Please! Please! Vote for my Husband!

"When he is re-elected I will be able to go on trips like I did in the past. Like my trip to Spain, where we stayed at a 5-star three-story hotel at the cost of $2,500 per night, with 70 Secret Service men keeping a watchful eye.

"We also went to visit Costa Del Sol, what a beautiful place, and then to Martha's Vineyard for a short stay. Using Air Force 2  -- Oh I have to tell you, what a beautiful airplane -- just as good as Air Force 1, the one my husband uses on all of his trips. The cost of Air Force 2 was a mere $11,351 per hour to operate, the fuel just 47,500 gallons, and then to Maine for a much-needed family vacation. 

"After vacationing in Maine we decided to go to India, a place I always wanted to visit, heard it was such an enchanted country, the cost of that trip was 'a lot.' 

"Now how can we not take in Hawaii? What a wonderful Christmas holiday this will be for the kids; so Hawaii here we come. Oh by the way, we are not a Christian nation, but hey, why not, it will be Christmas after all. I have to tell you about the ski trip to Vail, beautiful, beautiful again with a capital 'B' beautiful. Being with the kids, we haven't seen their grandmother. We planned to go and surprise her, and off we went to the continent of Africa. We sure are enjoying the time while my husband Barack is playing president.

"So you can see why I ask you 'Please vote for Obama. Now you know why my husband must tax the rich, the wealth must be shared. His record in office says it all: Trillions of dollars in debt.

"It is said from the birth of Christ, if we spent 30 million dollars a day, the United States of America to this day would still be in debt. Unemployment is at 17.4 %, 43 million people are on food stamps, a gallon of gas is 34% higher since my husband has been in office; takes you back to the Carter years of the late '70s. So now with Barack's record, I am asking you to please go to the polls and vote for my husband, President Obama. I never loved this country as much as I do now. It's been the best years of my life. Thank you America."

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