Daytona power attorney Ted Doran's candidate qualifying photo op quite revealing

Ted Doran / Daytona attorney & 2012 Voluia County chair candidate / Headline SurferPhoto for Headline Surfer /
Daytona Beach attorney Ted Doran has filed paperwork to run for Volusia County Chair in the 2012 elections.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Friday's qualifying shocker was Daytona Beach power attorney Ted Doran's entrance two hours before the noon deadline to run for Volusia County chairman against County Council member Carl Persis of Ormond Beach and Gulf War vet Jason Davis of Edgewater.

Even more shocking was the media exposure he got before mid-afternoon with a breaking online story from the Daytona Beach News-Journal with a photo op showing him signing his qualifying papers at the elections headquarters in DeLand.

Headline Surfer called Doran's private law practice twice before he finally called back just after 4 p.m. Of course, he had bigger media fish to fry with a 5 o'clock appearance on the "Marc Bernier Show" on WNDB Radio.

Before getting into specifics on his candidacy, Doran was asked about the News-Journal photo op, insisting, "It wasn't staged,"  to hich he was asked, "How was it that a photographer was there at exactly the moment you were signing the paperwork?"

Doran responded, "They called me and asked me what time I was going to be there and I said '10 o'clock.'"

How convenient for Doran. How convenient for the News-Journal. How did each party know what the other was going to do? It's par for the course in the new age of local print media.

Of course, this morning's News-Journal headline reads: "Attorney jumps into race for Volusia County chair at last minute."

Never mind, he had two hours to spare to get his photo taken. As for his candidacy, Doran only gave the internet media outlet  a couple of minutes for which he was asked why he was running and he replied he had a "vision for the county."

Ironically, the print edition of today's News-Journal had a different shot of Doran with a focus on his hands -- same with Persis in his county council chair, but that photo description doesn't indicate when it was shot. The third candidate, Davis, got the standard mug-shot treatment on the jump page. Then again, he was an afterthought in the story.

Headline Surfer wouldn't be surprised if its grilling him on the photo op got back to the paper and a switch was made.

In the brief phone conversation, the internet newspaper barely got set up to take notes when Doran said this media outlet could get more quotes by listening to him on Bernier's show.

Doran, you may recall, was quoted extensively a few months back in the News-Journal during his lobbying of Jeff Hentz to be hired as head of the Halifax Advertising Authority with a premium salary package, which occurred though Doran soon lost his chairmanship of the advertising board.

Headline Surfer will say this: Doran's quotes in previous News-Journal stories certainly sound very much like PR -- advertising.

"With somebody like Jeff Hentz at the helm, Daytona Beach is going to become a real player for the first time ever," Doran was quoted as saying in one story. In another story, he was quoted as saying of Hentz: "A true professional in this position will be the single most significant event in 10 years, maybe 20."

And you wonder why people are turned off by politicians and the drivel of print media, which is why more are getting their news from the Internet. Doran may have seen me as a minor irritant between his media hunger sandwiched between the advertising-friendly News-Journal and Bernier's listeners.

Headline Surfer bets you he'll realize when he sees this in the Google News Directories and search engines that it wasn't very smart dissing the Internet newspaper that just wanted to report the news of the day. 

Editor's Note: Four minutes after this blog on Doran was published, a simple Google search for "ted doran" revealed this just before 4:30 a.m. on the first page of the search. The graphic below shows the Doran piece trending in Google News Directories less than 10 minutes later.




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