FDA regulations too great a burden on small farmers

EDGEWATER -- So the FDA has now passed “sweeping new safety rules” to keep our food safe and avoid these outbreaks of bacteria born disease which have killed many of this country’s citizens. Now, isn’t that nice?

Should the producers of our food have to be told to keep their facilities and their machinery clean? Should they have to be told to insure irrigation water is clean, that workers wash their hands and animals be kept out of the growing areas? Must they be threatened with inspectors so they will do what is only the moral and right thing to do?

Police handling of killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford is Florida's shame


EDGEWATER -- I am confused about why the police did not arrest Trayvon Martin’s (alleged) killer.

Where's the justice for three kidnap victims in Cleveland?

EDGEWATER -- I am rejoicing with the families of those three girls who were held captive for 10 years by the Cleveland man accused of kidnapping and rape. They should lock that guy up forever.

Daytona and New Smyrna need to explain CRA blight going for street parties and bars

DAYTONA BEACH -- I see the CRA is in the news again. Daytona seems worried that they won’t get their fair share to put into their “blighted” beachside and New Smyrna Beach is putting a lot of CRA money into bars. Huh?

Boston bombings & aftermath: Everything happened so fast

EDGEWATER -- Can you believe what this country went through this past week in Boston and its neighboring communities? Not since 9/11 have we as Americans been so glued to our television sets, and of course, the internet. The media coverage was instant, continuous, and for once, I didn’t disagree with that because events were happening so fast.

Dumping Easter Bunny is political correctness gone amuck

EDGEWATER -- A Madison, Ala. school principal banned the word "Easter" from her school this year. Say what? She says it was in the interest of religious diversity.

Bike Week a great economic boost, but loud pipes rattle nerves

EDGEWATER -- Since Bike Week arrived, it's been quite noisy. I'll miss the bikers, but I won't miss the noise when they leave today.

Turning down workforce housing in New Smyrna Beach a slippery slope and travesty

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Progress is something New Smyrna Beach says it wants and encourages, just not in the back yards of anyone influential. The way they see it, it should only be allowed in certain sections of the city like way out west on State Road 44. There is always a group that rises up and protests: “Not in my back yard!”

Gays have been in Boy Scouts all along

EDGEWATER -- Odd how people are all up in arms about the Boy Scouts maybe changing their policy and letting in scouts and leaders who are gay. Are they naïve enough to believe that gays have never been in any scout groups in the past?

Don't see need for headhunter in finding new police chief in New Smyrna Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I don’t understand why cities, hospitals and business in general have to hire head hunter groups to find new leaders. Why can’t these places promote from within. Yes, I know that’s old school. It is what I grew up watching. If the old boss died usually he had already primed someone to replace him. If the death was sudden and unexpected then the next in line at the top took his place or at least was given the opportunity to do so.

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