America needs to see the light: We need Mitt Romney

EDGEWATER -- With all of the presidential elections, 13 in all or 52 years to the present day starting with FDR in 1933, I have never witnessed the personal mud slinging of this year between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Obama, despite his nearly four years in office, is still campaigning for change, If re-elected, he has no record of any accomplishments. America is trillions in debt, the stimulus and bailouts have failed, unemployment is at an all-time high, welfare and food stamps are on the rampage and the illegal immigrant issue has not been dealt with. Obama has spent millions on lavish vacations, jobs have been lost in the space program and America is losing face all over the world.

Obama wants four more years? God help us.

Candidate Mitt Romney needs to step up to the plate and challene Obama on all of these issues, including the economy, unemployment, the need to create jobs, the lack of care for our veterans, the housing market. Find a plan. Herman Cain had a plan. 

Get us back into the space program, candidate Romney. Take back our country. We are a Christian nation. Put God back in our lives as a nation. Hrelp teach our children right from wrong by displaying the 10 Commandants, which are good for all forms of religions. When it comes mrriage, make it clear that it's between a man and a woman, that the way it was intended to have children generation to generation. Find a solution to the Immigration problem.

If elected, candidate Romney, you will inherit the enormous problems. I hope the American people see the light. 

Mitt Romney, you have my support. God bless you And God Bless America.

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