Experience spelled 'McCain' equals depression

I wonder how many Americans realize that if George Bush had gotten his way with privatizing social security the Bush Administration would already have gambled away a large vestige of its citizens’ economic survival. The stock market would have gobbled it up in the last few weeks.

Unlike the unregulated profiteers being bailed out, the private citizen would be left to the mercy of whatever soup kitchen would keep him plodding along until he dropped dead from lack of everyday necessities.

Those existing today on the bare survival level, counting on the savings their government held in trust for them, would be left with nothing. Zilch!

The Bush Administration has stolen everything from our jobs to our environment to our world prestige to our constitutional guarantees; yet the old Republican lies keep a-comin’: “Our economy is in good shape,” Herbert Hoover/McCain tells us in one breath. In the next, he’s going to get those big, bad wolves responsible for leading America on its downward slide into depression.

Are we supposed to forget McCain’s old rallying cry, “I’m a deregulator—deny the obvious fact that “Experience,” spelled “McCain” equals the 1930’s Depression all over again?

The administration he’s been a part of for 26 years has already repeated the Vietnam fiasco. If we keep going backwards long enough, are we supposed to return to the second coming?


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