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(photos by Dale Smith). The empty lot at Flagler and Cooper avenues will be turned into an ice skating rink during the upcoming Winter Festival, sponsored by The Hospitality Group, comprised of merchants of Flagler Avenue.
Editor's note: The following story was submitted by contributing writer Dale Smith:

NEW SMYRNA BEACH – The jet stream from Canada has dipped so low they’ll be ice skating on Flagler Avenue. Ok, maybe not the actual frozen stuff, but there will be artificial ice for everyone to glide around on.

Downtown/Canal Street

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Photos and story submitted by contributing writer Dale Smith / Dr. Arlen Stauffer was chosen Tuesday night as New Smyrna Beach's nominee for countywide citizen of the year award. City Commissioner Jim Hathaway, shown in the smaller photo, ran the meeting in place of the mayor who was at a conference.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH - Dr. Arlen Stauffer, a physician and chairman of the NSB Balloon Fest, was chosen at tonight's City Commission meeting as New Smyrna Beach's nominee the Volusia Leaque of Cities' citizen of the year award.

NSB Cops

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