Modest Proposals

Ode to the hypocrisy of conservatives in Congress


Allow no deity before The Lord: all else must thou deplore (Beware the false god like the pox: Ruperts, rupees, gilt-edged stocks);

Independence Day: Count your freedoms


Independence Day is especially significant this year as we wave yet another farewell to the freedoms guaranteed in its original promise. No longer a government of, by or for the people, we have a topsy-turvy, Alice-in-Wonderland, tea-partying America presided over by a plutocracy of tax-evading billionaires whose sole ambition is to oust, rather than respect, our elected president.

Great Scott: Govern your own sex life; not those of women

community bloggers / Gerry Tatham of Edgewater

It occurs to me that Governor Scott must be experiencing such traumatic doubts about his masculinity that he has to prove himself virile by bullying women.

Extreme right-wing GOPers: Banging Obama's head on the debt ceiling / community bloggers / Gerry Tatham of Edgewater

In a novel by Dostoyevsky, the Grand Inquisitor reasons with a returned Jesus who has been going around healing people, apologizing for the fact that the Established Church will have to crucify Him again because He doesn’t agree with their religion. With just such a line of reasoning, Republicans are piously attempting to crucify President Obama for not agreeing with their right-wing perversion of the GOP.

Rage into night: Caving in to the Tea Party Taliban that is the extremist political right

NSBNews.Net / community blogger

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What with petty dictatorships moving from the Middle East into American governorships, it’s America’s turn to cast off the pretense of democracy and submit to the moneyed monarchy of the GOP.

Small mindedness of the power elite in Washington typified by California congressman

In his treatise, "The Heart of Man: His Capacity for Good and Evil," early 20th-century German philosopher and social psychologist Erich  Fromm noted: "The chief danger for mankind is not the fiend or the sadist. It’s the little man with too much power. In a business deal he could destroy an opponent; in a political position he could destroy the world. "

Same old, same old with Republican rhethoric


Incapacitated? Your vote incorporated? Your bankroll constipated? So leave it unregulated?

If so, I would modestly propose you’re out of step. Leading you in a merry dance before a judgment panel of professional prestidigitators, you’re begging to have your feet stomped, your head whirled in dizzy, dazzling, distortions of a direction called “right” with a tune-up job attuned to democratic disaster.

Beware of the corporate thievery that is the Tea Party Taliban

With Glen-Beckoning enthusiasm, waving his down-with-government flags, the tea-brained American citizen is ready to vote his economic survival into the pockets of the wealthiest 2 percent of the nation at the sacrifice of his social security and Medicare.

No healthy choice for women in a world of terrified little men

It’s a stupid woman, indeed, who doesn’t recognize she’s being raped. And that’s
exactly what’s happening in America today.

A poem for the ages: Spare Parts

Her frame undented, botoxed lip to chassis
Turned-back mileage, breastworks lifted, sassy
Denture grilled, tuned up in ear
Adjustments to her sagging rear
STP’ed, replacement kneed
In smooth, unwrinkled glory
Undimmed by years, she perseveres; goes on with her life story.

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