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Living with autism reveal blessings not realized on surface

The life of an autistic child is a difficult one. Growing up is hard enough for the rest of us, can you imagine what they go through? The constant frustration and reminders of being academically behind, unable to communicate, and socially impaired, are the day-to-day factors in an autistic child's life. Continually, these children have to encounter rude behaviors, unfair treatment, and misunderstanding assumptions. All of these factors added together are the cause of the most frowned upon issue with autistic children: behavior.

Miss Daytona Outstanding Teen 2009: A big 'thank you' to all who helped make a difference for children

Courtesy photos. Tia McDonald thanks the Girl Scouts for helping her make presents for hospitalized children.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- When my director told me part of my new title -- Miss Daytona Outstanding Teen 2009 -- would include working with the Children’s Miracle Network, I was so excited as I have worked with children in need all my life.

Dealing with the the homeless a real eye opener

Tia with Girls NSB News
Tia McDonald teaches sisters science in a
book she gave to them at Burger King in
Daytona Beach.

I have recently made a sad and surprising discovery and that the amount of homeless and needy people in Volusia County. Did you know that its estimated that there are more than 1,000 children, and over 3,000 adults homeless just in our little county of Volusia?

When there are so many people with no place to go, where do you go? How can you raise a family on the side of the road, or behind a business? I have a huge heart for the homeless. I feel very badly for them and will do anything I can just to lend a helping hand.

Winning the Miss Florida Jr. National Teenager pageant is awesome

Miss TeenOn June 8 in Orlando, I competed for Miss Florida Jr. National Teenager along with dozens of other girls.

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