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Does it really make a difference? Indifference?

EDGEWATER -- Does it really make a difference? Is there any certain quality which would stand to a standard of strength? What difference would it make to just forget the all in all? How about the all? Does it stand on a premise of a certainty or is there really a difference? Should one care or just let it pass along the way? Undecided? Certainty or not should be the question!

'Can one be a good Muslim and still uphold the values of being a good American?' / community blogger

With all the religious debate of the Muslim Faith and those who run for an office of leadership, or not, and if so, should we be concerned? On personal level, I am compelled to present the following for question, “Can one be a good Muslim and still uphold the values of being a good American?”

Absolved to present a higher standard

In every day of our life, we scurry here and there hoping to get where ever it is we are going. And of course, we must be on time. And sure enough, we eventually do get there!

And upon our arrival, all things seem to be correct and in order; as this is the way of life in which we live. Just to “get,” we must have the “mental strength” to sustain, let alone having the “correct attitude!”

Individuals comprise our community

As I have written before, there is such an honor, and a gratification, when putting pen to paper. It is especially true when I can experience and in turn show the qualities of the citizens in the area.

Just what am I talking about? The answer is this: It is the individual citizens that comprise our community having values of family and to display such whether in public or not.

Spiritual or religious? Are they the same, different or indifferent?

Many of us are and many of us are not. Some of us are different and some are not. Some of us believe we are correct and that the others are wrong. Then there are those who believe there really is a difference. If there is, or if there is not, there still is a difference.

And in being a member of those of, either/or, or, neither/nor, the feeling of belonging to a collective group brings on the mind set of, “we are correct!” And in being so, they are really in a world of their own just as the others.

Sound confusing?

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