DELAND -- The power brokers are here from several municipalities in the Volusia County Council chambers either because they want a CRA or because they want to continue receiving the millions in taxpayer dollars supposedly for "blighted areas."

I'll go out on a limb to predict none of these power brokers will mention the millions currently being spent on street parties where alcohol is the main draw.

Nowhere is that use more pronounced than on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach and on Main Street in Daytona Beach -- both lined with bars.

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Should law enforcement hire personnel with misdemeanor records as VCSO has done?:

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Oak Hill, FL Mayor Douglas Gibson / Headline SurferBy Douglas Gibson
Oak Hill Mayor's Message
Exclusive weekly blog for Headline Surfer
Mosquito Lagoon in Oak Hill, Florida / Headline SurferHeadline Surfer photo / While environmentalists complain about the Space X program disturbing a small area of land, they look the other way regarding the pollution of septics pouring into the majestic Mosquito Lagoon.

OAK HILL -- Lets talk about the benefits of the Space X plan for Southeast Volusia County and the folks in Oak Hill, in particular.

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DEBARY -- John Kerry had his unsuccessful bid to become president, but his campaign allowed a state senator from Illinois to have a prime speaking spot, thus setting up America's futurewith someone far worse than the Conservatives could ever imagine in Barack Obama.

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NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Good grief! You could not get away from the anguished and alarmist reporting about the Triumph, a luxury cruise ship that experienced mechanical and systems breakdowns as a result of a contained fire. The ship did not sink; it floated safely around in the Gulf of Mexico until tug boats could tow it into port.

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EDGEWATER -- So the FDA has now passed “sweeping new safety rules” to keep our food safe and avoid these outbreaks of bacteria born disease which have killed many of this country’s citizens. Now, isn’t that nice?

Should the producers of our food have to be told to keep their facilities and their machinery clean? Should they have to be told to insure irrigation water is clean, that workers wash their hands and animals be kept out of the growing areas? Must they be threatened with inspectors so they will do what is only the moral and right thing to do?

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