Individuals comprise our community

As I have written before, there is such an honor, and a gratification, when putting pen to paper. It is especially true when I can experience and in turn show the qualities of the citizens in the area.

Just what am I talking about? The answer is this: It is the individual citizens that comprise our community having values of family and to display such whether in public or not.

In my days of having differing things to do, I frequent certain establishments as a rule and some I do not. In going out of the way to retrieve a certain item, I observed a young man, in his mid-20’s, tending for his infant. As I walked closer, I saw a beautiful baby of 6 or 7 months of age.

I could not just pass on by.

I slowly edged closer and began to inquire about this beautiful little angel. The information I received from the father is about his loving concern as to the question he would later have to answer in the near and not too distance future.

As one could possibly think of such a gift, I was very un-expectant about what was to personally happen to me. It totally came out of the blue to me. I never would have realized this sudden overwhelming experience in it having such a play of power over my emotions.

If only that precious one could talk.

“Daddy and Mommy, here I am, your new baby. I would ask for you to talk to me. I know that I do not understand, but your voice, whether in a song, or babble, will quell my wanting to be. I really need to hear your voice. You see, this is how I will learn from both of you.

I would also ask of you to hold me close so I can understand where I am and who I will come to be. Now I feel much better and secure because of you.

I can smell who you are by the closeness and that makes me feel better.

With this feeling of safety, I know that I am free to explore my new birth in this ole world.

Daddy and Mommy, I know that I will cry a lot while I am such a small one and probably will until I get quite a bit older. But you see, I do not just cry to cry, I cry because I am hungry. Please do not let me cry all the time. Help me to let you know what I need. If you will do this, I will be such a happier baby. One final thing Dad and Mom, I ask you to just love me. I am who I am now, and with your help, I can grow and be what I need to be. Remember though, do not expect too much of me, as I am just learning.

Daddy and Mommy, please love me for just who I am.”

I was totally floored with what I had just heard!

In no way would I have ever guessed this answer would come to one of my questions. Of course, it is not verbatim, but it is pretty close.

I am now 55 years of age, and in all my life, I have never been more concerned about today’s youth. But, this young man and father, has all my respect as a grown man.

At the time, I could have only wished I was wearing a hat, as I would take it off to him.


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