A look at the Democratic primaries from an independent voter's point of view

Now that the Democratic primaries are over and Barack Obama has a substantial lead in delegates and superdelegates, what does it all mean? Will Obama be the Democratic Party candidate for the presidency or will the contest continue with Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has proven to be an eloquent and inspirational speaker. He has promoted "change" as the basis for conducting the nations business and culture. The concept of "change" resonates with most voters, but who is most qualified and capable of achieving the most critical changes, among then; health care, illegal immigration, the economy, foreign trade, national security, energy, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Do the voters feel that Obama has the experience and instincts required to lead the country in solving these vital issues. Things change when voters close the curtain at the voting booth. Personal reservations suddenly come to light and many votes change due to emotions. If Hillary Clinton is not on the ticket, there will be a tremendous backlash as indicated in the current polls. A large percentage of Hillary supporters have indicated that they would vote for the Republican candidate or not vote at all.

Hillary Clinton should continue her campaign for the nomination up to the Democratic convention and provide time for the delegates to realize that, unless Barack and Hillary are on the ticket together, the Republican candidate, John McCain, will be elected president. Once again, the Democratic party will have kicked itself in the foot.

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