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PORT ORANGE -- State Rep. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, whose district includes Southeast Volusia, has filed legislation in Tallahassee to make the state’s tax system more fair and equitable for all Floridians.

The “Sales Tax Fairness Restoration Act (STAFR)” will put all state sales tax exemptions, except those for necessities, on the path to an automatic and uniform review process by a special legislative body. To ensure that only worthwhile exemptions stay on the books, exemptions will sunset unless determined to be beneficial for the state by an open and accountable review.

Making the Grade

Here are some grades for news happenings and the newsmakers behind them in our ongoing feature: "Making the Grade."

Obama's focus on the rich is sending all of us to the poor house

Grade: F

President ObamaCourtesy photo / President Obama

Oh, come on. Does Prsident Obama have a paper bag over his head? America is headed toward financial disaster and Mr. O. thinks we should raise taxes on the “rich” and cut spending by some miniscule amount. This isn’t a solution; it’s a prescription for disaster. Congress needs to pass Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan to reduce our debt by trillions and put us on the path to a balanced budget. Our taxes are more than adequate to run the government once it is right-sized. It’s Congress that has “deficit attention disorder.”

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