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Washington budget woes: Cut federal paychecks by 10 percent

EDGEWATER -- The budget problems for President Obama and the lawmakers in Congress can be tackled by making additional cuts. It's so simple.

10 Commandments answer; not banning guns

EDGEWATER -- Yes, in the past few years here in the United States we have had many school shootings most recent Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where 20 kindergarten children and six adults were killed' We ask why.

Why is this violent act keep happening? Either the shooter is mentally ill or looking for revenge, or comes from a broken home, poor upbringing lacking love, and discipline and respect.

Contrary to gay rights, marriage is intended between a man and a woman

EDGEWATER -- President Obama signed into law a bill giving gay marriages the same privileges as a marriage between a man and a women. In most religions, marriage is between a man and a women and some religions allow a man to have more than one wife.

America needs to see the light: We need Mitt Romney

EDGEWATER -- With all of the presidential elections, 13 in all or 52 years to the present day starting with FDR in 1933, I have never witnessed the personal mud slinging of this year between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Colorado massacre grim reminder it's time to turn to 10 Commandments

EDGEWATER -- The massacre in Aurora, Colo., with the gunman who killed 12 and wounded dozens of others during the midnight showing of a new Batman movie is tragic and senseless. But it's the person with a cold heart -- not the gun -- that pulls the trigger.

We need change in 2012: Anybody but Obama

EDGEWATER -- I don't understand why any Democrat, Republican or independent would vote for Obama. With a record such as his, he should not even be running because he has ruined this country.

Memorial Day: Remembering all the men and women who have served to keep America free

Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember all who fought and gave their lives for to Keep America free: From the day the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock to George Washington crossing the Delaware to attack the British fighting for our independence and all of the wars that followed.

To remember all the men and women who have served to keep America free and preserving our way of life: From the Alamo, to the Civil War, to World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan.

If we could read the first lady's mind, this is what she would be thinking

EDGEWATER -- If we could read First Lady Michelle Obama's mind, this would probably be what she is thinking: "Please! Please! Vote for my Husband!

"When he is re-elected I will be able to go on trips like I did in the past. Like my trip to Spain, where we stayed at a 5-star three-story hotel at the cost of $2,500 per night, with 70 Secret Service men keeping a watchful eye.

Sorting out the good charities from solicitations and scams

EDGEWATER -- I don't think I am alone in receiving donation mail, receiving address labels, greeting cards, note pads. nickles, dimes and even $2.50 checks, you often wonder how many are scams. Send in a donation once and you are on their list forever.

Forget Steven Tyler; bring on the Beu Sisters

When sung right, the National Anthem, hearing the Nationa Anthem sends chills down the spine like the playing of "Taps." Steven Tyler's rendition before the AFC Championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots was a disgrace and I'm praying there won't be a repeat of that before Sunday's Superbowl.

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