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A Cicada Swarm Delayed The President’s First Foreign Trip For 7 Hours

You may be well aware that President Joe Biden was up for his first foreign trip to the UK. Well, the trip got delayed for more than 7 hours on Wednesday. But, do you know what caused this delay? Yes, literally a swarm of cicadas.

The plane which was originally scheduled to leave at 9 pm was carrying dozens of Journalists to the UK for Biden’s first foreign trip. But, the plane couldn’t make it to the flight as scheduled due to a swarm of cicadas messing with the mechanics. Therefore, it was replaced with a new aircraft that was called to Dulles International Airport.

But the replaced aircraft started 7 hours later around 4 am causing around 7 hours of delay to the president’s trip. As per the sources, the Airbus 330-300 couldn’t fly because of the damage in the auxiliary power unit. The unit contains a small turbine engine that is meant to power some crucial equipment along with the cabin.

Weather and crew rest issues are also the reasons besides the periodical cicadas which made the power unit unworkable. Addressing this issue, the Delta spokesman said “Delta teams dispatched a replacement Airbus A330 aircraft and crew to Washington-Dulles International Airport to operate the flight”.

Cicadas normally rise in millions by laying dormant. They normally rise in this season after years of hibernation and there are multiple complaints of cicadas around the US. Even the National Weather Service warns that the rise of cicadas after hibernation may also cause interference with the weather radar.

On top of this, Biden swatting away a cicada off his neck at Joint Base Andrews has become a special moment for netizens. There are several memes hovering around social media platforms regarding this matter. The president warned the reporters about cicadas saying “Watch out for the cicadas, “I just got one, it got me”.

Well, this is not the first time that Washington DC is bothered with cicadas. It is one among the many regions in the US that are witnessing Brood X cicadas for years. It’s just that, here the time arrives after 17 years of hibernation to see the swarms interfering with the vehicles in traffic. 

Furthermore, Durrant also said that “ We apologize to the customers of our charters for this rarest of entomological delays, but still nothing is more important than safety. However, this is the first yet the rarest moment with cicadas that never happened before.

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